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DD Writer’s Jam Fest: Round Robin 14_01


The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense. ~Tom Clancy

I want to try something different today. And I should mention I will be here intermittently as I have some errands and adventures to attend to. (Did I mention I’m on vacation? 😉


Your RR challenge today, if you should decide to accept it, is to craft-write something from the prompts below. It can be a story or a poem or song lyrics or whatever. Or you can jumpstart a Round Robin with one, if you want (make sure you tell us if that’s what it is).

Shall we begin?

DD Writer’s Jam Fest: Round Robin 12_01



Fiction is the truth inside the lie. ~ Stephen King

Okay here we go!

Round Robin… Pretty simple. Spontaneous. We’ll figure it out as we go. I think I’ll go ahead with One A Day, they will be ongoing, open ended. No end time imposed.  But, if you missed it or came in too late, there’s a new one on the way the next day. I’ll give them a theme or kick-off sentence or even a pic maybe of some kind.

PLEASE drop me an email if you have an opening line or kick off to suggest!  ladylibertine22 AT yahoo DOT com

Just pick up where the previous person left off. You can certainly write MORE than one sentence, but don’t get too carried away. It work best if you set the next person up for… something. No pressure. heh.

We’ll just see where it goes.