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I Don’t Care About 2012

You know, for the first time ever, while I’ve usually supported third parties, or not voted, I don’t care one bit which party wins the white house, Senate, house in an election. Always before, well at least in the back of my mind somewhere, I’ve at least thought things might be a little better if the Democrats won.  This time I don’t. It’s a one party system.

Now, the other day, I posted this:

Democrats will lose, b/c they just proved (again) (4.00 / 1)

that there is no difference between either party.

1,2, maybe even 3 election cycles away, given how bad the latest debacle is-republicans will lose, b/c of the same fact.  

And Banger responded with:

Let’s not exaggerate–there are differences between (4.00 / 1)

the two parties but not on the major issues. I think the majority of “progressives” are quite thrilled with the smaller issues.

Point taken. Yes there are differences- but ‘not on major issues’. Actually, I’d go a step farther in my semi-retraction- there may be difference even on major issues.

But the Democrats (especially in the White House and Senate) today may even be worse than the other republicans. On both major and minor issues.  It’s certainly arguable either way, and it’s really un-knowable. But I think it’s clear that certain things could not have happened under Geo W, that have happened under Obama (W). Such as SS and medicare, which are toast. That’s been written.

On the flip side, some will say-a Republican administration is what we need- it’ll get so bad that the American people will finally wake up.  I don’t buy that either. If the American people really  do get mad enough to move away from football or ‘legion of honor’ for ten minutes; they’ll just vote some democrats back in some years or decades down the road. Which will change nothing. Just like it always has done.

The failure of the democrats is by design. It’s not wimpism. It’s not because those wonderful dudes  want to ‘the right thing’ but fear to.

They’re the Washington Generals. Their purpose is to show that leftist populism doesn’t work– that’s why they’re there. Obama gave lip service to this, but that was all.

That’s why the mantra has been to call Obama a socialist.

Obama = Fail

Obama = Socialist


Socialism = Fail

That’s the plan.  

See, there really is no alternative, other than some form of real socialism. There is nothing else on the left. It’s either that, or nothing. That’s what the left is about-socialism. In some flavour.

So, if you discredit that in the eyes of a public that knows very little about anything, then you’ve already won. That’s why we have the Washington Generals Democrats- to pretend to be ‘socialists’.

So, I don’t who wins. Because they’ve already won, either way.


The Third Estate Wants Its Way Again

This morning’s Politico attributes the death of centrism in the Republican party to the overwhelmingly insatiable demands of the far-right riffraff.   The sans-culottes throngs certainly have pitched some pretty parades over the past few months, haven’t they?  Heads have, metaphorically speaking, rolled and more are almost certain to take their place underneath the unforgiving guillotine.  Yet, to insist that this was a movement spearheaded by the party itself would not be correct.  This summer the GOP establishment tried to harness the energy of the rabble and found that it marched to no one’s orders but its own.  

“I don’t give a crap about party,” said Jennifer Bernstone, a tea party organizer for Central New York 912, which helped to lead the anti-Scozzafava charge. “Grass-roots activists don’t care about party.”

Says Everett Wilkinson, a tea party organizer in Florida: “We are not going to allow our [movement] to be stolen by the GOP or by any political party.”

Done With the Lesser of Two Evils

I won’t get fooled again.

I voted for Kerry, and I voted for Barrack Obama.

But I won’t ever do it again.

And I of all people should’ve known better.

See, back in 76, I was a 12 year old kid during the Gerald Ford / Jimmy Carter election.  I’d seen the Watergate movie, and I had a pretty good grasp of what was going on.

Probably most here have forgotten or never even knew that in ’76 there was also an independent run by Eugene McCarthy–the actually semi-leftist guy the Dems screwed way back in 1968.

Despite strong showings in several primaries – indeed, he won more votes than any other Democratic candidate – McCarthy garnered only 23 percent of the delegates at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, largely due to the control of state party organizations over the delegate selection process.

Emphasis: mine.  From http://www.answers.com/topic/e…

Anyway, in 76, since I was 12, I couldn’t drive yet, but I had a cool bike with a blue banana seat, and I cruised all over town handing out literature for Gene.  

When election day came I too young too vote, but old enough to canvass, and I witnessed an amazing phenomena:

The Democrats were bringing in carload after carload of scared old people from old folks homes.  In return for a nice dinner, they would vote a straight Democratic ticket.  That was the deal–the other poll watchers informed me– I was incredulous at  first, but they brought them in by Lincoln, they brought them in by vans, they came and they came and they came.

And they didn’t look left.  They didn’t look right.  Not one took any literature from me or anyone else. And there was fear in their eyes when they saw me–real fear. I assume from hunger, but I don’t know.

They voted, they ate. Or, they ate they voted, I’m not sure which–but I’ve always wondered–since if they were fed first what were they worried about?  

I bet they hadn’t eaten yet.  And now 33 years later they’re all dead anyway.  

Well, 33 years from now I’ll likely be dead too, or at least I’ll be getting pretty damn fragile.

And, I’ll still look left, when asked, even if I have to forgo supper.