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Dear Sarah Silverman — Time for another Schlep.

An open letter to Sarah Silverman:

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Dear Sarah,

You were a progressive hero in 2008, urging children and grandchildren to Schlep or call Bubbie in Fla. and urge her to vote for Obama.  And of course, you and the Schleppers succeeded, as you wrote:

Thank you, Schleppers! You called Nana, You wrote to Bubbie. And you schlepped on down and sat with Zadie. And because of you hundreds of thousands of Jews voted for Obama in Florida, more than making the difference in that state.

Well, we’re now at crunch time again.  We need everyone — not just Nana and Bubbie, but Gram, Popsie, Abuelito and Pater (i.e., not just Jews) to turn out (and not just in Florida) to stop the O’Donnell’s, Angles, Rubios, Bucks et al. from unleashing their lunacy as a majority in Congress.

Do we really want hearings on whether Obama is actually a cactus?  Shouldn’t teabagging be returned exclusively to its original beautiful meaning?

The Great Healthcare Schlep

So I’m reading the indefatigable NYCeve’s Diary The August Plan to Secure the Public Option yesterday morning and click the link to the FDL “Whipcount Tool.”  Now, as you might be able to tell from my nom de Kos, I live in the most azure, indigo part of the bluest borough of the bluest city in the country — the People’s Single Payer, Socialist, Zabarist Republic of the Upper West Side.

My own Rep., the estimable Jerry Nadler, is obviously with the program, having taken the FDL Pledge to vote against any bill that doesn’t have the Public Option.  What to do?

Well, my mom, 93-year old (bless her heart) “Grandma West” (as my kids call her) lives in NY-18 in Westchester – which was not listed on the FDL tool.

cross-posting on Kos

Rep. Lowey is having a healthcare conference call at 5:00 pm (est) today.  Call her office for phone in information.