Dear Sarah Silverman — Time for another Schlep.

An open letter to Sarah Silverman:

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Dear Sarah,

You were a progressive hero in 2008, urging children and grandchildren to Schlep or call Bubbie in Fla. and urge her to vote for Obama.  And of course, you and the Schleppers succeeded, as you wrote:

Thank you, Schleppers! You called Nana, You wrote to Bubbie. And you schlepped on down and sat with Zadie. And because of you hundreds of thousands of Jews voted for Obama in Florida, more than making the difference in that state.

Well, we’re now at crunch time again.  We need everyone — not just Nana and Bubbie, but Gram, Popsie, Abuelito and Pater (i.e., not just Jews) to turn out (and not just in Florida) to stop the O’Donnell’s, Angles, Rubios, Bucks et al. from unleashing their lunacy as a majority in Congress.

Do we really want hearings on whether Obama is actually a cactus?  Shouldn’t teabagging be returned exclusively to its original beautiful meaning?

Sarah, a little more than a year ago in this space, I urged you to undertake a Great Healthcare Schlep to support the Public Option.  You didn’t, and we got healthcare, but without the PO.

I forgive you, Sarah, for not undertaking another Schlep so soon after the 2008 Great One.  But by now, you should be rested and ready to roll for another one.

Of all people, Sarah, you should want to do everything to stop anti-Civil Rights candidates like Rand Paul, anti-social security candidates like Sharon Angle and of course, anti-masturbation candidates like Christine O’Donnell.

That last alone should be motivation enough for the true star of The Aristocrats.

And think of the cross-promotion for Bedwetting!

So Sarah, how about it?  I can offer you nothing but love (and maybe protection from Joe Franklin).

Yours Admiringly and Schleppingly, etc., etc.

Upper West


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    • Xanthe on September 24, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    and it is an entertaining essay.

    However, Sharon Angle isn’t the only anti-social security candidate out there. Dick Durben has told us we need to make sacrifices and that he is tired of whining Bleeding Heart Liberals!  Are you not surprised at a Democratic President’s choices for this Commission?  

    I am seeing cuts already in my Medicare coverage – and as you may know the expensive supplemental coverage does not cover what Medicare does not cover.  So more out of pocket costs which actually I would not bitch about except that half of my portfolio garnered over 45 years is now gone and in the hands of the likes of Peter Peterson.  That money could have been used for health care – not driving about in my Lexus in my gated community.  I don’t have a car and I live in a working class suburb of Chicago.

    Moral: cleverness doesn’t pay medical bills.  

    But nice try – Recommended.

    • ANKOSS on September 24, 2010 at 6:33 pm

    For the torture and indefinite imprisonment of “suspected terrorists” now known to be innocent: NO

    For the authorization of the killing of American citizens by Presidential decree: NO

    For the transfer of hundreds of billions of dollars of public funds to corrupt and unaccountable financial institutions: NO

    For the deliberate perpetuation of an endless war: NO

    NO to Obama, and NO to the slightly-less-corupt-than-the-Republicans Democratic Party.

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