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Friday on Saturday, A Tale

As this tonight is my third “Weekend Anthropology” Essay, I guess it’s officially a Series now. heh. Here are links for the previous essays, last week and the week before.

What I’m hoping to do with these is share some little discovery, a tale, a story or myth, of the “Folk” genre, global, multi-cultural, that relates in some way to our current struggles and living.

The tale I have for you tonight (below) is a Friday’s Eve story from Iran/Middle East that I share to show my support and solidarity for “the Global Day of Action on July 25th so the citizens of the world can stand together for:

* Civil and human rights for the people of Iran;

   * Stopping the abuse of power-the imprisonment, torture and killing?.

   * Solidarity with the Iranian people.

To our Iranian brothers and sisters: We have heard your voices, and you are not alone.

I’ve decided to open each essay with a prayer or blessing, to be sure Trickster gets his due set the tone. 😉

Sun Tracks

Atoni (Choctaw)

The track of the sun

across the Sky

leaves its shining message,




us who are here,

showing us we are not alone,

we are yet ALIVE!

And this fire……

Our fire…..

Shall not die


A partial solar eclipse silhouettes birds surrounding a minaret

of the shrine of Sufi Saint Bah-ud-din Zakria in Multan, Pakistan

on Wednesday, July 22, 2009.