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It’s Just Ridiculous

This one caught my eye in the NYT front page :

Although she may well benefit from Mr. Obama’s plan to subsidize health insurance for the working poor, Rowena Ventura, the uninsured worker from Cleveland, wondered whether she could afford it. “I’m worried because they’re talking about forcing people to buy insurance,” said Ms. Ventura, a registered Democrat and part-time health care worker. “You just can’t ask any more of me. You just can’t.”

Ms. Ventura, 44, who also attends community college, has moved her ailing mother into the living room of the house she shares with her disabled husband. She said she recently discovered a lump on her left foot but cannot afford to see a doctor about it. Yet she is cynical about Mr. Obama’s prescription.

“You see,” she said, gesturing at Mr. Obama on the television, “he’s saying he wants to continue private insurance, but then he says they’re part of the problem. Well, which is it? It’s just ridiculous.”


It is indeed ridiculous.

It’s beyond comprehension.

You say you want to hand over 35-40% of Americans health care dollar to an institution that has been screwing them for decades and has no purpose and call it reform?  And have the additional money paid for by the:

Working Poor?

How does this not make the health insurance industry more powerful and entrenched than it already is ??

Single Payer addresses the real issue.

Public Option: window dressing.