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Pique the Geek 20120527: Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis, also called anaphylactic shock, is a potentially life threatening condition.  I write about it tonight because yesterday afternoon my friend’s mum called me to come next door to see what was wrong with her.

When I got there she was having extreme difficulty breathing, had broken out in hives, and had swollen lips.  She was crying because of fear (EVERYONE panics when they can not breathe) and the pain from the rash.

I knew immediately that she was in trouble.  I told her mum to call the paramedics and asked if she had any diphenhydramine (trade name Benedryl).  She did not.

Future Shock is Now, Mark my Words, and Help us All

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In 92 when Clinton was elected President, people think of it as the beginning of the end.

No my friends, it goes much further back than that. In 1980, the year before I graduated, my father was still making 20,000 dollars a year, enough to put us soundly in the middle class, although his decision to spend much of that putting his 5 children through Catholic Indoctrination ate much of that.

He deeply resented that my fresh out of High School eldest brother, living at home, was working for Detroit Diesel and out-earning him by far. He had started as a “chipper,” a sweeper, and within a couple years was on the line. He would make “production” in a few hours, then spend the rest of the time reading. 8 years older than me, he was my “book dealer” since I was 10. (We were all voracious readers) I was reading Heinlien’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” and “Future Shock” at 10.

By High School, he had made Electrician, and I was scoring his pot for him. By the time he moved out, his car cost more than my Dad’s house, and he and his girlfriend working also as an electrician at Wixom Ford, could barely scrape to buy an average house.

Suddenly my Father realized that their combined 80,000 dollars now bought less than his 20,000 did, then his lower one income ever could. These two could not POSSIBLY raise one child, let alone two on one income.

The slow boil of the frog had started.

My Shock Doctrine, my Future Shock starts then…. he only missed what Naomi filled in, the INTENT.

Toffler argues that society is undergoing an enormous structural change, a revolution from an industrial society to a “super-industrial society”. This change will overwhelm people, the accelerated rate of technological and social change leaving them disconnected and suffering from “shattering stress and disorientation” – future shocked. Toffler stated that the majority of social problems were symptoms of the future shock. In his discussion of the components of such shock, he also coined the term information overload.