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Where’s Their Votes?

We in America tend to see everything in terms of potential fallout for our own interests or in terms of the very real incidence of our own interference in the political manipulations of other Governments.

Lest we forget, these are not the faces of CIA operatives, nor Israeli plants, as Ahmadinejad would have you believe. This is a young population, with World access at their fingertips via technology.

One need only look at Iran’s long tradition of revolution to try and achieve Democracy, juxtaposed against a young and increasingly supportive of women’s right populace in the face of a government that has reinstated a detested “Guidance Patrol,” a law enforcement division that stops women for wearing, say, capri pants, flower-print head scarves or too much lipstick.

2/3 of enrolled University Students are women.

The campaign Change for Equality is working toward their One Million Signatures to get Parliament to review 10 laws against women.

The Revolution will not be Televised

It will be twittered and blogged.

(I am leaving reporting on Iran’s Revolution itself for worthier minds, and less busy minds, but wanted to briefly address this one angle. I woke myself at 5am to do so.)

Iran has grabbed control of radio and TV communication, predictably, as would our own nation should we ever try to regain control of our own Corporatocracy.

The frightening thing is, this is a template, if you will, of how a Nation must be ready to technologically block information. Every despot and intelligence agency in the World is taking notes and making plans, including our own Internet Czar.

Sure they can shut down phone service, but how to block all the satellite uplinks that drive the internet and cell phones? The images and reports go viral instantaneously across the globe; especially with a young and savvy population. Standing in a crowd, it is easy to get off a one line twitter, so that all concerned can follow the tag and have warning. or hear of new protest plans. Texting will only go to your circle, so the hashmark tag allows anyone who uses it to connect with all Iranians of a like mine.

People don’t talk about it in terms of “the hive mind” for nothing.