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Vietnam Conflict Over? Not By A Long Shot!

And you may be living real close to more then one ‘enemy’, though was once a great allie of ours, weapons of mass destruction that lingers on today!

After Vietnam the country made a collective “We will never forget the mistakes!” statement than quickly moved on, forgetting everything as to the lessons of guerilla insurgent warfare, the why those invaded and occupied fight back, the results of War, Everything, even the Military who’ve shown in these two modern Wars of Choice, Afghanistan stopped being anything about 9/11 with the drums beat pointed at Iraq and us Not keeping the promise of helping them rebuild, after we rid the country of a brutal regime and international criminal terrorist and stopped going after them, just ask the bush, he even stated he stpped even thinking about bin Laden.

And We Were Never At War With Laos!!

Or were we, Shhhhhhhhhhh…………!!

On thursday, 6.11.09, I caught a short report about one of the legacies, more like the left over WMD’s, of our Wars and Occupations and their destructive power years later, and how we just walk away unconcerned and certainly uncaring, it’s now their problem, move onto the next War of Choice by the few, seeking their wants of power, wealth and glory in their sorry lives.

This report was on the NPR show, out of Boston, from WBUR’s Here and Now: Feeling the Pain in Laos, and was about a BBC journalist Jill McGivering reporting from Laos.