Vietnam Conflict Over? Not By A Long Shot!

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And you may be living real close to more then one ‘enemy’, though was once a great allie of ours, weapons of mass destruction that lingers on today!

After Vietnam the country made a collective “We will never forget the mistakes!” statement than quickly moved on, forgetting everything as to the lessons of guerilla insurgent warfare, the why those invaded and occupied fight back, the results of War, Everything, even the Military who’ve shown in these two modern Wars of Choice, Afghanistan stopped being anything about 9/11 with the drums beat pointed at Iraq and us Not keeping the promise of helping them rebuild, after we rid the country of a brutal regime and international criminal terrorist and stopped going after them, just ask the bush, he even stated he stpped even thinking about bin Laden.

There’s an awful lot the Country just plain ignored, why, because as to the results of War it Costs Huge Amounts in keeping the promises to those they send. Combat PTSD the World didn’t want to hear about, as we were coming back from yet another conflict of choice, it also wasn’t paid attention to in the civilian world, it would explain to many problems many people were having after they lived through an extremely traumatic life experience. Sadly it took two more Wars of Choice to finally get that into the collective conscious where it can’t be buried again!

But there’s one more major issue ignored from our Vietnam tours and returns that was easy for the greater majority to ignore and come up with a huge number of other reasons, this one affects the growing, then, corporate world and bottom line profits as well as the monies needed for care of the Veterans and also concerns other similar issues since, as to Wars, like the Gulf War Syndrome etc..

There have been a slew of reports recently concerning this major issue, Agent Orange and similar Defoliants, used in the conduct of war and being known to be deadly to everything it touches, a long lasting Weapon of Mass Destruction, manufactured and used to kill with the results from costing less to denie the affects then to pay for the devastating long term results. Below are just a few of the recent reports.

Army details Agent Orange use at Md. post

18 November 2010 – The Army is revealing details of Agent Orange testing at Fort Detrick in Frederick decades ago.

The Army Corps of Engineers made a preliminary report Wednesday of its search for information about open-air testing of the herbicide known for its toxic effects on U.S. troops exposed to it in Vietnam.

The report says 17 pounds of the compound’s main ingredient – the dioxin 2,4,5-T – were sprayed at the Army post from 1944 through 1968. Some was dispersed from a sprayer driven through a crop field. {read rest}

As a result of that report we get the usual, and now decades long, response, and if you buy this, well most know the old sayings, “If you buy this I’ve got a…..”, and understand, or used to, how grifters and propagandist work their trade!

Officials: No health risk from Agent Orange testing

November 19, 2010 – In response to public concerns regarding a Wednesday night Army admission that 17 pounds of Agent Orange was tested at Fort Detrick between 1944 and 1968, Fort Detrick officials want to reassure the public they are not a health risk.


Army officials vowed at the Wednesday meeting that if, throughout their continued research, they came across any information suggesting an ongoing public health risk, they would alert residents immediately instead of waiting to include that information in a final report. {read rest}

Which leads us into another very recent report, in two parts, from another part of the country and another military base.

Special Investigation: Agent Orange in Augusta, Part 1

This stylized map (not to scale) shows the location of Fort Gordon’s Training Area 47 in relation to Richmond, McDuffie, and Jefferson counties. Apparent “defoliant testing areas” are shown in orange. A 1995 sample testing map from the US Army Corps of Engineers is overlaid. (November 18, 2010 / WRDW-TV)

18 November 2010 – Agent Orange is well known for turning jungles from green to brown and making a generation of our soldiers sick. But not only were they using it over there, they were testing it here. {read rest}

Special Assignment: Agent Orange at Fort Gordon, Part 2

Training Area 47, the site of Agent Orange testing at Fort Gordon, is at the center of the orange circle. A large dead zone is visible to the right. (November 18, 2010 / WRDW-TV/Google Earth)

18 November 2010 – While the military used Agent Orange in Vietnam, they tested it at more than 30 sites in the States…including Fort Gordon. {read rest}

And we get another two part story not of one of the brothers from Vietnam but about a young, at the time, civilian woman who traveled there in a USO show in caring about those of us serving there and probably other reasons she may have held at the time.

Is the U.S. Military Turning It’s Back on a Local Woman?

Nov 17, 2010 – In 1970 with U.S. troops fully engaged in Vietnam, the senate repealed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which set the stage for a slow withdrawal process of American troops from the embattled region.

It’s a period of history one local woman, who volunteered her services to help the troops overseas, is calling a loss of innocence. {read rest}

USO Tour Turns Tragic

Nov 18, 2010 – A local woman says her world has been turned upside down after finding out her cancers are related to Agent Orange and her time as a volunteer for our troops during the Vietnam War.

Tonight in Part II of our KEY Assignment– with mountains of medical bills bankrupting her, Lesli Moore Dahlke turned to the government for help, but says they turned their back on her. {read rest}

What about the Country we used so much, tons, of defoliants on? Well finally after some four decades plus some are paying attention to the destruction wrought on that country and since that still affect the citizens of even today!

US offers $34m to clear Agent Orange at Da Nang Airport

HA NOI – November, 19 2010 – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has told the Da Nang People’s Committee that it plans to spend US$34 million to rid the city’s airport of Agent Orange.

The two-year project is intended to ensure that plants can again grow in contaminated earth.

Former military airports in central Binh Dinh Province’s Phu Cat District and southern Dong Nai Province’s Bien Hoa District will be next on the list for detoxification, says USAID.

During the past three years, with funding provided by various American non-governmental organizations, the agency has approved spending of US$21 million to deal with dioxin contamination in the country, according to Da Nang City’s Department of Foreign Affairs.

The $21 million total includes $16 million to be spent on dioxin clean-up of the area and $2 million to be spent on assessing environmental impacts as well as exploring technical solutions to the problem.

The remaining $3 million have been earmarked to help improve the lives of the city’s Agent Orange victims and disadvantaged people. {read rest}

Vietnam Agent Orange Relief & Responsibility Campaign, visit to find out much more of the Vietnamese decades long cries for help on just this issue.

Anyone who thinks these two wars of choice on going now are going to end as soon as the Military’s are pulled out, if ever, better think again and take heed “If you buy that I’ve got a…………..”!

Back then they just wanted us the hell out of their country, the years since, and many failed policies later in other countries, have grown a different hatred towards us and those  allied with us. They’ve created the international criminal terrorist long before 9/11. And this past decade has only enhanced the hatreds, our soldiers are fighting the long time insurgent fighters, especially in Afghanistan who fought the Soviets in their failed nation building wants. They’re also fighting the kids who grew up in the last decade in the death and destruction of the occupations and from the neighboring countries who been threaten by us or in the undeclared war front, Pakistan, we’ve are at war with, bombing their country and probably carrying out deadly incursions into.

The growth of the international criminal element of terrorism has also greatly expanded and they seek retaliation from the deadly damage done and the rhetoric used against them as a whole group!

It has also greatly expanded the ranks of the domestic criminal potential terrorist who think they are beyond law and society and claim they will protect their twisted beliefs, already having carried out their domestic terror within our borders and made heroes by many over extremist ideologies even voiced over our free press media outlets!

There’s decades coming of another world then I grew up in and had hoped we would leave a better world behind us, it’s our legacy to the coming generations!

We never came to terms with Vietnam in many ways, now we never will in these conflicts, we’ll lay blame for anything that happens on others instead of looking in the mirror and at the blood on all our hands!


    • jimstaro on November 20, 2010 at 20:09

    And it’s is too bad this came from a Brit, bush is so arrogant and lacking in intelligence he would have thought England was a safe bet, he still thinks he’s a great leader of the free world, to visit and add to his wealth. But it was the thoughts of millions around this planet, especially the International Lawyers who have been building cases now for years. There’s enough, even though not a criminal inquiry nor about the U.S., in the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry alone and still ongoing to hang that whole administration and anyone around them! Not to mention the other inquiries, Dutch etc., as well as the tons of evidence that have come out these years! Perp walks alone would have started the cleansing of what they did to the World community and minimized the blowback!

    Bush warned to keep book tour domestic

    Nov. 19 2010 – Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, England, has said that former President George Bush is at genuine risk of being arrested for war crimes if he makes any book tour stops in Europe. Prof. Jonathan Turley discusses.

    • jimstaro on November 20, 2010 at 20:22

    Army Releases October Suicide Data

    November 19, 2010 – The Army released suicide data today for the month of October.  Among active-duty soldiers, there were nine potential suicides:  two have been confirmed as suicides, and seven remain under investigation.  For September, the Army reported 19 potential suicides among active-duty soldiers.  Since the release of that report, six have been confirmed as suicides, and 13 remain under investigation.

    During October 2010, among reserve component soldiers who were not on active duty, there were 16 potential suicides.  For September, among that same group, there were 10 total suicides.  Of those, four were confirmed as suicides and six are pending determination of the manner of death.

    “Army efforts continue to focus on individuals who engage in high-risk behavior.  Risk within the force cannot be mitigated by suicide prevention programs alone.  Army leaders at every level have an enormous influence on helping to eliminate the stigma surrounding seeking behavioral health assistance, reducing high-risk behavior and reducing our unacceptable casualty rates,” said Col. Chris Philbrick, deputy director of the Army Health Promotion, Risk Reduction Task Force.

    “Through the coordinated efforts of leaders, medical professionals, chaplains, families and other members of the Army team, we can provide holistic care for those who seek help, while acting positively to reduce the high-risk population,” Philbrick said. {read rest}

    • jimstaro on November 20, 2010 at 20:23

    These types of corporate collusion’s should have been looked into and corrected going into these wars of choice, but like everything related to the Military and Veterans they weren’t given Congress scrutiny, investigations nor policy changes and over site in the republican controlled congress and executive branch, Just Wars of Choice and send others and let the private sector profit handsomely! There’s No Excuse for what wasn’t done up till 2007 by those Congresses and the American people!

    Council Works to End Life Insurance Compensation Confusion

    Nov. 19, 2010 – A special advisory council has agreed to provide family members and survivors of fallen servicemembers and deceased veterans more options for how they receive life insurance compensation.

    The agreement paved the way to end confusion for survivors and family members of fallen troops, John Gingrich, chief of staff for the Veterans Affairs Department, told reporters yesterday. Better communication of life insurance claims options and casualty assistance training also will result from the change, he added.

    “The goal of these meetings is to make an outstanding program even better,” Gingrich said. “I believe the dialogue between the participants aided us in understanding their issues and concerns, and we received good insight.”

    The VA currently uses claims forms with two payment options: one lump sum, or equal payments for 36 months. Choosing the lump sum or leaving the options unchecked on the form would automatically default the beneficiary’s benefits in an alliance account handled by Prudential Financial Inc. Prudential then sends the beneficiary a checkbook for an interest-bearing account held by the insurance company.

    The Prudential account is not guaranteed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, according to VA, leaving some survivors and families of fallen servicemembers dissatisfied with the option. {read rest}

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