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Be sure to thank Socialism for the public fireworks today

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   If you witness a state, county or town fireworks display this Independence Day, you have enjoyed the fruits of American socialism.

socialistic government financed fireworks display Social welfare, public programs and any service that is not performed to make a profit have often been sold to the uninformed, feeble minded and people who do not read books with big words as Socialism.  Why, everywhere you look there is socialism. From the public water fountain that does not require quarters to operate, to the fireworks going off over your head this evening, everywhere this Independence day you can find a small bit of what some people call “Socialism” free for your benefit and enjoyment.


   That’s right.

   What an amazing country we live in!

   Help celebrate America’s rich social history with me below the fold.

Dead Civilian Day

I’m not really very impressed by arguments that one group of ‘warrior’ should be remembered, or another one –currently honored– should really not be.  

In fact the last thing I personally would want if I had died in some Smedly Butler-esq American war, is a politician tossing a wreath my way–along with say 100,000 other  dead and buried young men.   Especially not when the very same politician is ramping up one war, and paying lip service to ending another.  Better to stop creating more deaths.

More to the point though, and entirely — I mean entirely missing from the discussion is the dead civilians.  

Anyone remember those folks?  

You know–the one’s most likely cooking breakfast for their children at 8.15 one morning long ago: