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America sinks into evil as Obama smiles

The Obama personality cult took a while to firmly establish itself, but now that it has become entrenched, Obama is free to continue the evil practices of the Bush administration: endless war; secret government; and neo-feudal wealth redistribution. The reason Obama gave for blocking the release of torture evidence (protecting the troops) is exactly the same reason Bush and Rumsfeld used when attempting to block the release of the Abu Ghraib photographs. It is a shabby rationalization intended to protect torturers.

Reasoned criticism and moral outrage roll off Obama’s teflon coating just the way they did when Reagan was President. Nothing sticks, and the buck never stops at the White House. Obama could fly down to Guantanamo and personally execute one of the prisoners tomorrow, and some zombie on DKos would praise his statesmanlike action. The Obama government is now even more dangerous than the Bush regime, because the public enthusiastically supports the continuation of Bush policies by America’s new super-salesman. America is sinking deeper into evil as Obama smiles and the mob applauds.

* Obama is actively waging two hugely expensive and destructive wars while INCREASING the defense budget.

* Obama is blocking the prosecution of torturers, past and present, in the US government.

* Obama is enriching and aggrandizing the Wall Street firms that caused the financial crisis.

* Obama is preserving a profit-driven health care system that puts the interests of corporate health care “providers” above those of citizens.

* Obama is using secrecy, disinformation, and propaganda as the primary tools of his administration, while steadily breaking his campaign promises of “transparency” in government.

How much deeper do we have to sink into evil before the American people demand honest and accountable leadership? When will this darkness end?