America sinks into evil as Obama smiles

The Obama personality cult took a while to firmly establish itself, but now that it has become entrenched, Obama is free to continue the evil practices of the Bush administration: endless war; secret government; and neo-feudal wealth redistribution. The reason Obama gave for blocking the release of torture evidence (protecting the troops) is exactly the same reason Bush and Rumsfeld used when attempting to block the release of the Abu Ghraib photographs. It is a shabby rationalization intended to protect torturers.

Reasoned criticism and moral outrage roll off Obama’s teflon coating just the way they did when Reagan was President. Nothing sticks, and the buck never stops at the White House. Obama could fly down to Guantanamo and personally execute one of the prisoners tomorrow, and some zombie on DKos would praise his statesmanlike action. The Obama government is now even more dangerous than the Bush regime, because the public enthusiastically supports the continuation of Bush policies by America’s new super-salesman. America is sinking deeper into evil as Obama smiles and the mob applauds.

* Obama is actively waging two hugely expensive and destructive wars while INCREASING the defense budget.

* Obama is blocking the prosecution of torturers, past and present, in the US government.

* Obama is enriching and aggrandizing the Wall Street firms that caused the financial crisis.

* Obama is preserving a profit-driven health care system that puts the interests of corporate health care “providers” above those of citizens.

* Obama is using secrecy, disinformation, and propaganda as the primary tools of his administration, while steadily breaking his campaign promises of “transparency” in government.

How much deeper do we have to sink into evil before the American people demand honest and accountable leadership? When will this darkness end?


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    • Edger on May 14, 2009 at 17:33

    President Obama’s 2009 supplemental spending request to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is currently before Congress. The House Appropriations Committee will “mark up” (finalize its version) of a war funding bill at a committee hearing on May 7th. The full House will likely vote on the bill the following week. The objective is to have the bill finalized and to Obama for signature by Memorial Day.

    President Obama is seeking an additional $75.8 billion in war funds for this fiscal year. It is possible that Congress will add to this amount before final passage. If Congress enacts Obama’s request, total war spending will come to $144.6 billion for Fiscal Year 2009 (which ends on September 30, with Fiscal Year 2010 beginning on October 1). This compares to the $186 billion war spending in 2008. Obama’s proposed war budget for 2010 is $130 billion.

    At first glance, it is easy to conclude that the proposed 22 percent reduction in war spending from 2008 to 2009 represents a significant shift in war strategy and is indicative of a drawing down of the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sadly, such a conclusion would be wrong.

    What follows is a discussion of the three main components of the war budget: Personnel costs; Operation & Maintenance costs; and Procurement costs. This discussion is based upon data and material produced by the Department of Defense Comptroller; the Congressional Research Service; the budget justification materials of the branches of the military; and the Fiscal Year 2009 Bridge Fund appropriations passed by Congress last June.

    President Obama’s War Budget: Analyzing the Numbers

    • Viet71 on May 14, 2009 at 18:43

    to becoming the second-worst president.

    Reason:  He’s behaving as if shrub would have turned out OK if WMD had been found in Iraq.

    IOW, he’s behaving as if the evils shrub perpetrated were not wrong per se.

    Obama’s on his own quest…not for WMD, but for a rainbow at the end of the day…a rainbow that will make all well.

    Memo to Obama:  It’s not a rainbow you’ll find.  Just a huge rotting corpse of lies and cover-ups, the stench of which you won’t able to wash off.

    • Arctor on May 14, 2009 at 21:25

    Obama will continue to laugh at we poor slobs who were dumb enough to fail to see that he was the hand-picked puppet of the Wall Street/Military-Industrial Complex and further some of us even dumber to have contributed regularly to his campaign. That was the ultimate con job of the masters of the Banana Republic nation we live in. Give them credit, they are really deviously good at what they do.

    Here it was 2004, Iraq falling apart, the country becoming fed up with this clown George W. Bush and even if they could steal another election in November, our masters had to be thinking already of 2008. And, lo and behold, out of nowhere comes keynote speaker Barack Obama, obscure Illinois legislator with a conveniently and recently opened Senate seat to run for. Like another former President, ex-keynote speaker Bill Clinton, Obama had all the right ingredients to co-opt the left: a minority candidate, a former activist from the streets of Chicago, opposed to the Iraq War from the start (??), a child of a sixties counter-culturist…manna from Heaven!

    Only now he’s taking his plays right out of Karl Rove’s playbook: he’s the new War President! Afganhistan, Iraq, protecting waterboarders and wiretappers. Pouring taxpayer funds into Wall Street at the expense now  of even Social Security and Medicare. He will have his reward in eight years time, lucrative Wall Street arranged speaking fees and the Obama Foundation…the game goes on!

    And on the Orange Page the comments and replies come in with the consistent and conversation ending retort:

    “Well, He A’int George W. Bush! Trumped you, now STFU or leave!”

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