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Pelosi demands we only talk about waterboarding.

I am going to make this short and sweet so the message is not muddled.

Here is the money quote from Madame Speaker Pelosi’s office covering her ass on torture:

“As this document shows, the speaker was briefed only once, in September 2002. The briefers described these techniques, said they were legal, but said that waterboarding had not yet been used,” said Brendan Daly, Pelosi’s spokesman.

In the mere clarification that Pelosi did not know that the CIA was waterboarding, but that she had been briefed on other techniques which are also against the Common Article 2 of the Geneva Convention shows she is implicated as an accessory to war crimes.

Do not let Madame Speaker muddy the waters by making this only about waterboarding, there were other clear human rights violations per the Geneva Convention also used in Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (aka Torture).

Pelosi is trying to steer the discussion to the fact she did not know they had already used waterboarding, hoping no one catches on to the fact she knew about the other war crimes occurring. Waterboarding was not the only technique employed that was against the Geneva Convention.


And anyone who carries water for Pelosi on this better check the bucket, because that ain’t water they got.

It’s the blood of the victims now on their hands.

Looking at you mcjoan.  

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