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Popular Culture (TeeVee). Season Finale for Dr. Who 20100730

Many of you who read my posts know that I am a very big fan of the British TeeVee series, Dr. Who.  This is not a recent infatuation.  I have followed The Doctor since 1978, when I first discovered the series.  It was 15 years old by then.

I have written a number of posts about this series, and you can find them by examining my profile on the Kos site (I have not written on Docudharma.com or Thestarshollowgazette.com as long).  As you read those, you will find that I have a very special place in my heart for that series.

Tonight we shall examine the season finale for the current iteration.  It was good, if a bit rushed in the last episode.

The Curious Connexion Between Tommy and Glenn Beck

Leader of the Teabag Movement.  He has eclipsed damned old Limbaugh and even Hannity as the moon baying leader of the Right.

Interestingly, he is an addict, just like damned old Limbaugh, but he flaunts it.  At least his addiction was to a legal substance, unlike damned old Limbaugh.

But, after his rhetoric, there are several threads that connect him with Peter Townshend’s seminal work (and I think the best of Mr. Townshend’ life, the very second rock opera, Tommy.  (The very first one was also by Townshend, A Quick one While He’s Away)

Popular Culture 20100429. One of the bad guys, Jack Webb

The series Dragnet was one of the most watched and most horrible TeeVee programs aired in the late 1960’s.  It used all of the negative stereotypes to produce a vile and completely in disregard of reality program that ever aired, until the Fox “News” Network aired later.

It was created by the alcoholic Jack Webb, who drank himself to death at age 52.  It started in the waning days of radio, and came back with a vengeance on the TeeVee in the mid 1960’s.  He was Joe Friday on the radio from 1949 until 1954, and was simultaneous on the TeeVee until 1959.  Most of those shows are not readily available, but everyone remembers the next series.

Popular Culture 20100412: Bewitched

Bewitched was an extremely popular TeeVee show, beginning in the early 1960s.  It starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, the witch who fell in love with a mortal, Dick York as Darrin, the mortal who in turn fell in love with her, and the great actress Agnes Moorehead as Endora, Samantha’s mum.

Endora did not like Darrin very much.  She did not like mortals very much, and I think that that was part of the success of the show.  There was some tension there.

The supporting actors were pretty good, too, for such a silly show.  Agnes Kravets would always see them doing magick, but her husband, Abner, always just missed it, and thought that Agnes was daft.

The Problem with Education 20100208

I guess that I am one of those “elite eggheads” that Rush Limbaugh (college flunkout and several times divorced, in addition to being a self proclaimed drug addict), Sean Hannity (college dropout), Glenn Beck (college dropout and divorced, and a self proclaimed alcoholic), Bill O’Reilly (who has a BA and and MA and a settled case of sexual harassment), Greta van Susteren (with a law degree from Gerogetown, and returned to teach law there), and the mighty eye candy Gretchen Carlson, the Miss America whose nanny was not any other than the bizarre Michele Bachmann, now in Congress from the diverse state of Minnesota. By the way, Carlson has a degree in the liberal (socialist) field of Sociology.

So the radical right goes from the ignorant to the well educated.  I guess that I do not fit in well.

Open Live Watch Keith & Rachel

Had to do it… Keith is interviewing  Eliz. de la Vega now.

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