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Adorable Lindsey Graham Threatening to Prosecute NYT, Guardian UK, & der Speigel- oh, wait a second

This past weekend July 25, saw 3 major on line news publications, the      New York Times  ,  The Guardian UK, and Germany’s    der Speigel publish the Afghanistan War Logs, 90,000+ documents from wikileaks, which show that the United States and NATO forces have been killing many more civilians in the Afghanistan occupation than has been previously acknowledged.  The war of the air vs the ground explosives has also ramped up in neighboring Pakistan, where, since January 2009, according to the BBC, nearly 2,500 people have been killed by either American drone attacks or by Islamic or Pakistani ISI forces- and “extremists” have killed more than 1,700 in Pakistan.  There have been more than 2000 Afghan casualties from roadside bombs.  Adding up all the numbers and then some, there’s at least 7,000 dead from the war in this border region.



Using a theory I read about elsewhere, if each one of these deceased casualties has at least 6 surviving relatives, parents, siblings, and/or offspring, the United States has just created, with the aid of whatever factions they’re paying in Pakistan, at least 36,000 more angry people whose religious warrior culture teaches them that it’s okay to extract revenge upon the invading enemy.    

Summers story stinks while DKos crickets chirp

Today’s New York Times front pages a bizarre story about Larry Summers and his very strange “job” at powerhouse hedge fund D.E. Shaw. It seems that Larry was paid a few million over two years for working one day a week at Shaw. What did he do to earn this money? Well, that’s never made clear in the article, but the writers are at pains to point out that it was all perfectly legal. Larry and his sidekick Tim Geithner are now cooking up deals that will let Larry’s hedge fund buddies make big profits using taxpayer money. And, yes, this is all perfectly legal. Larry Summers knows how to sell political influence to the highest bidder, and his hands always stay perfectly clean. He gets paid $135,000 for a ONE DAY appearance at Goldman Sachs, and a few months later he is making decisions in the Obama administration that favor Goldman Sachs. It is all perfectly legal.

Meanwhile, at DKos, the Presidential Guard looks for more neat pictures of Barak and Michelle wowing Europe as the crickets chirp. Summers? Who is Larry Summers?