Summers story stinks while DKos crickets chirp

Today’s New York Times front pages a bizarre story about Larry Summers and his very strange “job” at powerhouse hedge fund D.E. Shaw. It seems that Larry was paid a few million over two years for working one day a week at Shaw. What did he do to earn this money? Well, that’s never made clear in the article, but the writers are at pains to point out that it was all perfectly legal. Larry and his sidekick Tim Geithner are now cooking up deals that will let Larry’s hedge fund buddies make big profits using taxpayer money. And, yes, this is all perfectly legal. Larry Summers knows how to sell political influence to the highest bidder, and his hands always stay perfectly clean. He gets paid $135,000 for a ONE DAY appearance at Goldman Sachs, and a few months later he is making decisions in the Obama administration that favor Goldman Sachs. It is all perfectly legal.

Meanwhile, at DKos, the Presidential Guard looks for more neat pictures of Barak and Michelle wowing Europe as the crickets chirp. Summers? Who is Larry Summers?  


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    • TomP on April 6, 2009 at 15:50

    Dkos is becoming irrelevant.  

    It’s only purpose was to elect Democrats and it has done that.  Change was not on the real agenda.

    Now, it seems like People magazine with Rec List fawning posts about Michelle Obama.

    The blogosphere is passing them by.

    To admit that Obama is upholding Wall Street simply is not allowed.

    Back to sleep, sheep.  Eye candy for the rec list!  Soma for the sheep.  

  1. To reiterate, this is NOT a site to elect Democrats. NEITHER IS IT A DAILY KOS BASHING SITE. There are plenty of other places to do that.

    If the relevant and important stories are being posted at this excellent site, why care what is or is not posted at Daily Kos? I honestly don’t get it.

  2. …it shows where the largest number of blog participating Dems are at this particular point in time. It will not necessarliy always be that way. It either evolves or becomes a “People Magagzine” site for dems, which is where it is headed.

    It is interesting to see how such forces and laws such as entropy and inertia relate to the growth and direction of a place like dKos and also right here.

  3. dKos served a valuable function by being in the opposition.  There were as many diaries pointing out the things that Bush did wrong as there were writers.  But when Obama was elected, the “Democratic blog” was going to write in support of the Government.  Why?  Because the Government is Democratic.  And criticism of Obama is going to be met with hostility. Why?  Because Obama is Democratic.

    Progressives supported Obama because they couldn’t and wouldn’t support McSame and they needed to get the Republicans out of Government.  Democrats supported Obama because he was their candidate.

    So it’s not a real surprise that dKos isn’t a Progressive Blog.  It’s a Democratic blog.  And it’s in favor of the present Government.  And it is thrilled, simply thrilled at the victory and at ruling.

    There is nothing to be surprised about at all.

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