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How We Will Fix This: Undoing Citizens United Part 3

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This is our last round of videos from the Netroots Nation panel, Undoing Citizens United: A Comprehensive Plan to Prevent Corporations from Buying Elections (here is part 1, and part 2). Today, we are going to focus mostly on how to move forward. But first, some inspiration from Congresswoman Donna Edwards:

ICE Checkpoint @ Netroots Nation…

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So folks in Las Vegas for the 2010 Netroots Nation conference got a surprise when they showed up for the session on Civil Rights in the Modern Era to find a checkpoint of “ICE agents” looking for illegal European immigrants:

Boulder Dam


When I grew up, we almost always referred to the dam as Boulder Dam, rather than Hoover Dam.  Maybe that had to do with the fact that I grew up in a democratic, union household.

Actually, it shouldn’t be the Boulder Dam either.  While Boulder Canyon was the original site selected, it turned out there was a geologic fault right down the middle of that canyon, so they kept looking until settling on Black Canyon.

This is a continuation of a series of photo-journals of things to see near Las Vegas.  

Next up will be Red Rock Canyon.

Boulder City, NV

Lake Mead

Boulder City was originally conceived in 1931, and “finished” in 1932, as housing for the workers on Boulder Dam, as it was then called.  Alcohol sales, membership in unions and all forms of gambling were prohibited in the city.  Originally property of the Bureau of Reclamation, it became an incorporated city in 1960, after the Bureau relinquished control in 1958.

This is part of a continuing series on Las Vegas and the surrounding environs.  If you take a tour of the dam and choose to go by SUV instead of bus, you may get a driver/guide who do more than just take you to the dam.

Las Vegas: Chihuly and the Crew

Bellagio Lobby

For those of you traveling to Las Vegas in the near future, I’d like to encourage you to stop by the Bellagio lobby to see some great glass sculpture, by Dale Chihuly, if you like that sort of thing.

More Chihuly is available in some of the Bellagio’s nightclubs and for purchase in the Chihuly shop in Via Fiore.

My photos are not the best.  My apologies for the inadequate skill and the bad eyesight. Official photos can be found here.

I took most of my images (inside) at night.  There is a totally different vibe in the bright of day.  Maybe you can get a sense of that from the lobby shots.

Angst and Pouting in Las Vegas


Jordan Valley stands next to me at the crap game. She looks like a hooker but she’s really a porn star. Big difference. Sex for money, sure, but still a big difference. Hookers have no screen presence, Spitzer’s is a perfect example, and when you see Jordan for the first time, well all you can say is – “I get it.”

Jordan could have been a big star. She’s got the looks; the camera loves her; her voice is smoky valley girl, but Jordan Valley can’t act her way out of a paper bag. Or plastic.

So, I’ve got Jordan standing next to me blowing on my dice for luck, the pit crew is looking at me like I’m crazy and I’m sure the eyes in the sky are gathering for the next play. I’ve bet it all on one roll of the dice; a $50,000 prop bet on a crap three. It pays fifteen to one. One roll for $750,000. Just enough for what I need.

And just as I throw down the table, Jordan whispers in my ear “Are you a madman or a fool?”