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Rachel Maddow: Truthspeaker! VIDEO Update

USA Journalists, Ling & Lee, held in N. Korea

Rachel Maddow just covered this in the last five minutes or so of her show tonight. I’ll look for the msnbc link to show up, and add it.

UPDATE with the video link up now


Meanwhile, McClatchy has a story up about it.

Seized U.S. journalists become ‘hostages’ in N. Korea maneuvering

BEIJING — When American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee fell into the hands of North Korean border guards two weeks ago, vanishing into the maw of the most isolated nation on Earth, their fate drew concern.

Now the complications are growing.

I believe the date they were arrested (?) was March 17.

I know this is terrible and scary and I feel for their families, but that’s not what made me sick. It was this…