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Today I Become A Statistic

Well, today the Dog became a statistic. After nine years at my company, after projects which returned over $4 million a year in bottom line dollars, the company decided that I was not valuable enough to keep around anymore. It is not like the Dog did not know things were bad, they were. Sales were off by 30% across the board and there had been a 10% reduction in workforce just three months ago.  

Did you ever read something that you found yourself musing over (smilingly), even the next day?

Such has been the case with me since yesterday.  

You know the French are well known for their “strikes” – and when they strike, they strike.  When their government does something they don’t like, they just strike and shut down the transportation, the electricity, you name it —  they virtually cripple a city with their strikes – and they get HEARD!

Well, now with the economic conditions being what they are and people being laid off, or “sacked” from work, they have developed a strategy for dealing with the CEO’s, who only want to give them “crumbs” as severances.

New strategy coming up!