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Seven Years Of Writing About State Killing (with Action Update!)

cross-posted from The Dream Antilles

To be completely honest, when I began, I never expected that over the course of the next seven years I would write more than 200 essays about ending state killing in America.  But today I noticed– I usually miss the date– that March 18, 2009, is the seventh Anniversary of my starting a listserv about ending the death penalty.  And I see that I’ve written more than 200 essays about the topic.

When I started the listserv I described it like this:

The views and opinions of an experienced criminal defense lawyer who is also a buddhist. About pending executions, legal developments, the media, the abolition movement, contemplation, prayer, and engaged, nonviolent activism. Sent sporadically. Only for those who value all lives and are opposed to the death penalty. Not for debate.

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