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Progressive Voices/Manifesto Project Raw Data

Wherein I am forced to admit failure.


I tried to stretch my meager talents, but I am just not cut out to be a data guy, I guess. I have failed to come up with a decent way to present this, so I will just publish the list and hopefully someone more skilled than I will step up and do something with it.


Allow me to say in closing….

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Final Preliminary Round: The Manifesto Project

Howdy Maniacs!

I am posting this here and on Dkos (already up at DK) tonight in hopes of getting a few more responses. But….since you guys are probably pretty talked out on this, in about a half an hour or so I will be putting up some subversive videos to slake your lust for entertainment!

On to the reprint!

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Manifesto Meta Musings

First, let me start off by saying I dislike the word “Manifesto,” it sounds, oh I don’t know, just too grand and at the same time really ambiguous.

But that’s the word we have and the high zen dictator has spoken, so I’ll diss the term no further.

I have read some of pfiore8’s ramblings on how “might makes right” has to be turned on its head, that we have to begin realizing that we do have our own power, that we are not powerless even in the face of such strong oppression and “might” directed against us.

I have also rambled a lot myself speaking of thinking “outside the box.”

Well that’s all well and good, lots of rambling, and now I’m getting tired of that word, too!  Bleh.

Folks have said they’ll work on various issues of this marvelous Manifesto.  And here’s where my meta comes in.  If you are interested … there’s more!

Bob Herbert and The Manifesto Project: Abolish No Child Left Behind?

Bhudydharma suggested ways that we could make things better and undo the mess of the Bush administration. Herewith mine — abolish No Child Left Behind. Bob Herbert provides reasons why this travesty of a law should be abolished.

Who Are Progressives, and How Do We Come Together?

I’ve been drawn over here by buhdy’s diary at Daily Kos introducing the Manifesto Project, which is a laudable and long-overdue project.  I look forward to participating in that effort.  But who will the Manifesto address?

The conservative movement, which has been dominant in American politics for almost three decades, is dying before our eyes.  This will create a vacuum in our politics which will be filled, but with what?  Recycled, rancid corporatism from the usual suspects?  Nativist racism and fundamentalist hatred?  Progressivism is the only visible, sane alternative to become the next dominant philosophy of American politics, but we’ll have to be ready or else lose the chance.

So I have another question to raise along similar lines beside the Manifesto Project:  How do we build a progressive movement?  We in the Netroots are but one part of the progressive movement.  Who are the others?  How do we come together to build a coherent, strong, mature movement to inherit politics in the post-Bush era?  Come below the fold if you’re interested in exploring further.