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Dammit, Burnt My Chicken

This is probably the worst cooking I’ve ever done. I had my chicken all ready, except the skin wasn’t crisped up, so I put it on broil for a couple of minutes. I forgot all about it, and within five minutes, the smoke alarm went on, woke up my husband, and we looked around for the alarm as we couldn’t find it in our apartment through the smoke.

The chicken’s all burnt and black.

What a way to treat a bird.

And it’s such a sad-looking chicken right now.

Anyways, consider this as a thread for your worst cooking experience.  

Hello, Docudharma!

Hello, citizens of Docudharma!

How’s it going? Just thought I’d pop in and see how my old friends are 🙂 Hope you all had a great Christmas, and will be having a great New Year’s Eve too. I know this doesn’t make for a proper diary, but feel free to treat this as an open thread, and to throw about some recipes for New Year’s eve or share pictures or whatnot.