Hello, Docudharma!

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Hello, citizens of Docudharma!

How’s it going? Just thought I’d pop in and see how my old friends are 🙂 Hope you all had a great Christmas, and will be having a great New Year’s Eve too. I know this doesn’t make for a proper diary, but feel free to treat this as an open thread, and to throw about some recipes for New Year’s eve or share pictures or whatnot.  


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  1. … you’re lucky Jane hired you … it could have been ek hornbeck:


    Have a happy, etc.

    • triv33 on December 30, 2009 at 5:16 am

    Hope you have a great New Year.

    • jamess on December 30, 2009 at 5:21 am

    happy holidays.

    here’s to a Healthier New Year

    it can’t get here soon enough.

    (the Healthier part, that is)

  2. Remember me?  

    I didn’t know you were from Texas.  I have more friends from Texas now than I ever thought I’d have.  I was even in Dallas this summer for Dallas Pride.

    Hope you are having a happy holiday, and tell anyone on the Great Orange Satan who think I’ve died, that I’ve not, LOL.

  3. She makes the jump.

    Just so you know, some of us behave…differently…when ungoverned by orange law.

    Yeah, I dunno what that means either. Welcome anyway-from someone who’s not so much a regular anymore.

  4. …glad you dropped by.

  5. a threat. I don’t know if it’s from a kossack.

    NAACP isn’t going to like knowing you join hands with people who hate blacks

    Neither are The Black Panthers.

    • sharon on December 30, 2009 at 7:03 am

    lovely to see you at dd.  🙂    

  6. Welcome to Docudharma!  I’m glad you joined us slinkerwink.

  7. I think ya might like it here, although I have a theory that some of the posters here are a little lacking in the ol’ patriotism department.  If ya read between the lines of the so-called “essays” here, you’ll see the socialism creepin’ in to ruin this great country of ours.

    Also the admins here (or “Death Panels” as I call ’em) do not tolerate anything of any kind at any time for any reason.  It’s a miracle you weren’t banned already for this outrageous essay.  

  8. nice to see you here!


  9. Good to see ya!

    • quince on December 30, 2009 at 6:45 pm


  10. …. for my account here as the hard drive died on my computer 🙁  several weeks ago, and I decided that it was the perfect time to take a break  once I saw what the Senate Bill version was going to be on the Wellpoint Bailout, and figured out that the Oval Office was officially tossing the base under the bus AND this was going to be it for the rest of his term in office. Business as usual with a “D” instead of an “R” in front of it, and the PanderCrats .

    I really can’t effectively comment on a “Democratic”  blog where the moderator is actively enabling and protecting the enemies of the reform platform that the Democrats ran on during the 2006 and 2008 election campaigns.  

    Oh My Effing Gawd, what a horrible way to have to earn a living.  

    I (past tense) did a tremendous amount of original source research on how the right wing Republicans act, think, and write, during 06 and 08, and I know it when I see it.    Authoritarian, top down….  the orders have been issued.  Take out the middle, shove the window over to right, eliminate the left and marginalize it as much as possible.  Markos gets more hits and more ad revenue $$$ by letting the Republicans (and Geebus Crackers, would people STOP calling the right wing nutter,  contingent “moderates” or “moderate Democrats,” over there and in the MSM) and the Republican masqueraders and sock pups  take over the site.  It doesn’t matter who’s in power or who’s not. It’s just another job.

    My attitude has never been to appease bullies in the vague hope that maybe then they will be nice to me.  My attitude also doesn’t much cotton to those who are pushing the Democrats in Congress to pass the Crappiest health care bill possible.  If they have nothing but character assassination left in their arsenal, they have lost the argument. Of course, they will win this and consign the President to the mediocrity they so fiercely desire.  

    This opening salvo kills any climate change and energy bills.  With no energy bills, you have no change in mid east policy until the Arabs mercifully run out of petroleum, which will be for the next generation to deal with.  If they survive climate change and the next world war and pandemics.  

    And don’t even get me going on clueless Fake Feminists, begging for donations to Planned Parenthood, who are whining petulantly that the blog l’orange is too white bread and has not enough people of color posting their deep concern about the Hyde amendment.  You know, that same Hyde Amendment that they actually don’t give a flying rat’s a$$ about because they think Stupak is okay and the Senate version of the insurance bailout bill is okay.   She’s just going to keep on posting troll diary after troll diary. It plays well in Freeperville.  It’s the New Blog Face of the Democratic Party.  If people won’t stand up for the ones who NEED reform, just what the effing hell is it they are doing posting on a political blog other than being lobbyists for the insurance business irregardless of race, gender, creed, or self appointed title ?  

    Things will have to get a lot worse before people get angry enough and motivated enough to try to make it any better.  And the country isn’t, incredibly, there yet.   The Pandercrats are not willing to insist that they be respected.  The administration prays the Repubs will run another senile old man and a Palin and that just by being “not Republican” that will be good enough.  The arrogance is astonishing.  Of course they won’t do that again. They learn from their mistakes.  And McCain was merely a placeholder.

    I salute your efforts and energy and stamina this year, in trying to get more Americans towards Universal Health Care coverage and stopping the insurance industry from stealing us all into poverty the minute we become ill or injured.  

  11. another blog.

    I sick of this shit, time to boycott the fascist loving fascists.

    mumble, mumble.


    Oh look a squirrel.

    [Wanders off]

  12. hope you come back often as I can’t go to dkos anymore as it is going to blow my head right off. Recced your diary today wanted to comment but it was a cesspool. I emailed MB yesterday, it’s just unbelievable there. I hope the admins do something or there will be no one left but the mob of crazies and how many diaries of BWD and the other cultists can fill the rec list, they are boring and dense as well as hateful. They will make dkos an irrelevant laughable adjunct to Obama for America  

    Dkos is being ruined and if this keeps up none of the people who post there like KO or Michael Moore or even the progressive pols and good writers will want to come where it just hate spewing, anti democratic Obama ‘supporters’ who just want to get the boot in. They are cowardly brown shirts and bullies and thank God the Democrats or Republicans I know in the real world are not like this. My husband says they have all gone crazy. Pretty scary that a Democratic/progressive political blog would get over run by a mob of thugs who use it to silence political discussion and democratic voices.  

    I admire your work and your spirit. Come back again as we have a rule you will like be, excellent to each other. Thanks for your work on this most important issue. Don’t let them get to you as they are not the real Democrats or even centrists, they are as ugly as the wing nuts they are so scared of.              

    • Robyn on December 31, 2009 at 4:40 am

    I’ve been in sparse attendance lately due to illness.

    I’m sort of planning a light show for New Year’s Eve, probably tomorrow around 7 pm eastern, provided I feel well enough.  I’ve created about 10 graphics so far.  Hope to see people then.

    Here’s one of them as a down payment:

    Sparkle Plenty:

  13. linked to by blueness in the Diary by Alec, after I was accused of smearing Deo. It seems to have gotten really out of control, they are not willing to even see their own narrative that they have built for themselves. Deoliver, at least offers lip service to opposing the Hyde amendment, and as does Obama, but you know doesn’t want congress to act on it now, for the sake of supporting this shit sandwich.

    It has reached some kind of nuclear level proportions.

    Hope you are holding up.  

    • Wom Bat on December 31, 2009 at 9:48 pm

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