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Kucinich will vote to override Bush veto w/poll

Although he’s still unhappy with a children’s health insurance plan adopted by Congress, Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich said today that he’s planning to vote to override President Bush’s veto of the bill “because I think that the president has to be held to an accounting.”

Pony Party: Music for the gosh oh gee of it! w/poll

With things being so serious lately, what with the SCHIP override coming up and an apparent capitulation on FISA, I thought it was a good time to put some music up for no reason whatever!  🙂

Kucinich: Seven Straight Nights for Equal Rights w/poll

As we all know, Dennis Kucinich is the strongest supporter of GLBT rights, along with Mike Gravel, of the candidates running for President.  In case you have any doubts, please view the HRC/LOGO Rewind here.

Pony Party! WWFSMVF? Yo-ho! R’men! w/poll

Yes, indeed.  It’s the single most important issue of the campaign!  It’s the single most sought after endorsement of the year!  It’s the question of the ages: Who Would Flying Spaghetti Monster Vote For?

Follow his noodly appendage below the break!

Pony Party: Dem Preference Poll!

Prior to tonight’s debate on MSNBC, let’s see how things are shaping up on the Democratic side here at DD.

Health Care and the Bargaining Table: A No Win Situation! w/poll

So, the UAW have struck GM with the main sticking point being health care.  Is anyone really surprised?  What’s amazing to me is that health care is still on the bargaining table at all.  Is there any hope that this will change in the near future?

The Primaries: We Can Be Heroes! w/poll

First off, I heartily concure with OPOL’s diary.  What it comes down to, to my mind, is whether we have the gumption to vote for what we believe, or will we vote for what we are told to believe.

Talk Like a Pirate Day is actually… w/poll

an insideous plot by followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster (may he be praised, Ra-men)!

Impeachement: The Path to Ending the Occupation of Iraq? w/poll

We’ve had a few days to digest the latest utterings by the administration on it’s generals on the ongoing occupation of Iraq.  The best news to come out of the spewing is that the surge troops may be coming home by next summer.  The bad news is that the pre-surge number of troops is going to remain, and that the Dems look like they’re going to capitulate again on continuing the war.  It sounds as if most of our leaders are resignd to remaining in Iraq at least until the next administration comes into office.

Dennis Kucinich Faces Reality! w/poll

In case you didn’t hear about it, at the Kennebunkport rally a few days ago, there was a camraman who fell ill.  Here’s what happened:

Modern India vs Lord Rama’s bridge!

And it looks, at least for the moment, that Lord Rama might win!…

Candidate Poll! Who’s your choice as of today?

I’ve not seen one yet, so I’m going to run one! 🙂

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