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The Neo-con Plan: U.S. backs Israeli pre-emption

This essay has been deleted. It is strongly suspected to have been the work of someone who is unwelcome on this site. It used dishonest sources and was deliberately inflammatory. The same will be done to similar efforts by supporters of the other side of this conflict. On this very controversial subject, we will only tolerate essays that in some manner foster dialogue and peace.

Is a Jewish Glasnost Coming to America?

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There is alot of news coming out of Israel/Palestine/Syria/Egypt and maybe I will write a catch-up diary this weekend. But this very relevant article on our foreign policies caught my eye. Got the link over at Marisacat. And yes, I think they are must reading for cutting edge commentary.

Here is the article in entirety(with permission), blockquotes mine for people that do not read every word, BUT I hope you do:

  Despite Backlash, Many Jews Are Questioning Israel
  by Tony Karon and Tom Engelhardt

  I often think of the letters that come into the Tomdispatch email box as the university of my later life – messages from around the world, offering commentary, criticism, encouragement, but mainly teaching me about lives (and versions of life) I would otherwise know little or nothing about. Then again, the Internet has a way of releasing inhibitions and, from time to time, the Tomdispatch email box is also a sobering reminder of the mindless hate in our world – of every sort, but sometimes of a strikingly anti-Semitic sort, letters that are wildly angry and eager, above all, to shut down or shut up commentary or debate of any sort.

Palestinians have been set-up?

I should have know. Israel has created the perfect storm for the Palestinians, yet again (remember the start of the first Intifada –Sharon at the Temple Mound). I said in my first diary….the Israelis provoke….the Palestinians respond. Palestinians should take more advise from Iran…they should learn to play chess.

What is the perfect storm I think the Palestinians are falling into: Ramadan.

Obviously, now that Bush wants some kind of legacy….”the creation of a Palestinian State” before he leaves office; he is now pushing and pressuring the Israelis like never before(he has not signed the 30 billion foreign aid bill yet and aipac is not happy)…..and Israelis don’t like it. They want war with Iran and Bush wants a Palestinian state….will they trade?

Israelis have not even gotten their missile defense $$$$, and of course now some some politicians (Netenyahu) are claiming: no pullout from West Bank, before they have their missile defense ready, (against Gaza militants rockets) right…ooooh, the tangle.



I have had many teachers in my life. They are precious to me. One of my first teachers was Carlos Castaneda…even in spite of himself the teachings came across potently.

Carlos introduced me to “internal dialog”, the power of silence, a separate reality, humility, the art of dreaming, the limitations of personal history, losing self importance, petty tyrants, and the ongoing mystery of life.


If you want to be knowledgeable about what goes on in Israel you have to read websites like Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, Forward, ynet and JTC everyday because you will not get a full picture from American newspapers or network & cable news. When I was writing diaries for daily kos, I read everyone and then some. For those of you that really care about Israel, I can’t imagine why you would not want to know the facts on the ground and keep informed.

Usually reading these papers are enough to get the picture. Sometimes I go to papers like Palestinian Chronicle or al jazeer, but I find plenty of stories just from the Israeli papers