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bush’s parting gift to putin… no news here…

when will you fucking people get it???  

I don’t care where John Edwards puts his penis, but…

…I was wondering if you, dear reader, were Senator Obama….would you want Edwards to speak at your convention?

Think about the upside and the downside…the time is ticking, and you need to decide one way or the other.

Do you have Edwards speak with Mr. Clinton?  

The NC media has been all over this; here is today’s article:…

Our Long National Nightmare is Over!!!

Onward to Denver with a pair of very short leashes for the Junior Senator from New York, and her husband…

Of course, Benjamin Netanyahu might ask her to give him a hand, as he has done with her friend, Karl Rove.   I can think of nothing she would enjoy as much!

Good bye to yesterday’s trash!!!

HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

Well, they’ll always have each other….

Max Boot, you sick bastard…

Max Boot loves seeing dead brown people.  He and the Kagan’s and Kristol and the filthy turds that make up the neoconservative movement ought to be hand-cuffed together to a metal bar inside (or outside) of a large jet and flown over the Netherlands and summarily dropped from an altitude to be determined by the pilot, into Den Haag for their war-crimes trial.

The surge—these people touch themselves when they say it—is a success!  How do we know it: Simple–soldiers are dying, silly!

…[C]asualties cannot be looked at in a vacuum. A spike in casualties could be a sign that the enemy is gaining strength. Or it could be a sign that tough combat is under way that will lead to the enemy’s defeat and the creation of a more peaceful environment in the future.

The latter was certainly the case with the casualty spike during the summer of 2007. (More than a hundred soldiers died each month in April, May and June.) Those losses were widely denounced as evidence that the surge wasn’t working, but in fact they were proof of the opposite.

There you have it.  The surge is working when soldiers do not die and the surge is working when soldiers do die.  Therefore, the surge is always working…

Now, all of you people who are suggesting that the surge has only had the limited success it has had by (a) paying the Sunni extremists lots o’ cash to stop killing soldiers; and (b) Mr Sadr taking it upon himself to re-group, re-arm, re-train and have a temporary cease-fire, STFU and quit raining on Mr Boot’s parade…

The newspapers are predictably filled with articles about how 52 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq last month – the highest toll since September. Iraqi civilian casualties are also said to be at the highest level since August. These losses are being used to cast aspersions on claims of progress in Iraq.

Remember, death is good, and more death is better…  How dare anyone ‘cast aspersions’ about a mere 52 dead soldiers–have you no heart?

John McClinCain’s Pastor Hagee–My fave-o-right video!

Oh, nevermind…the John’s are as white as the inside of a loaf of Wonder Bread.  I forgot…

Nothing to see here…Move along…Tomorrow is Sunday and a real live negro will be preaching in Chicago…Let’s talk about that guy!

Jeruselem Post takes to publishing spam. Nigerian businessman wets himself…

In what can only be characterized as chutzpah on the part of the newspaper in Israel that is so far up the Junior Senator’s campaign as to be inside it has now taken to have one its regular columnists simply reprint spam and pretend it is original thinking…

“The chickens come home to roost” The Non-Reverend Wright Edition

A better searcher may be able to locate an earlier use of the term, but, as far as I can tell, it took less than 48-hours for the term to be used regarding 9.11.  In other words, ‘the crazy black guy’ didn’t make it up…  Sorry folks.  

Cornwall Standard Freeholder (Ontario)

September 13, 2001 Thursday

American policy abroad at root of terrorist acts

BYLINE: Harry Valentine, Standard-Freeholder

To the editor:

By now, most people reading this would have seen TV coverage of the jetliners being crashed into the World Trade Centre buildings in New York City. The magnitude of this event may not be easy to fathom.

These people represented the American economy and the Western way of life. Yet, in far away lands, America is despised. America is seen as the bully which intrudes into the domestic affairs of other nations.

America facilitates military coups, such as the one which brought Chile’s Pinochet to power and supported repressive dictators like a Philippine Marcos. America bombed innocent civilians in Vietnam and in Iraq. Millions of people abroad have suffered due to American intervention. The tragic spectacle which occurred in New York City happened to a lesser extent, but more often, in trouble lands overseas.

Now the chickens have come home to roost, right in the U.S.A. Innocent American civilians now struggle to comprehend the horror that has now been visited on their shores. Most are unaware of what their government has done abroad and over a period of many years.

Presently, it is unknown as to who orchestrated the horror in New York. The last time a building in the U.S.A. was bombed with a shocking loss of life, it was done by a former U.S. serviceman who was disgruntled over American governmental behaviour. Whoever was behind crashing the airplanes into the buildings evidently wanted to send a strong message of disapproval to Washington.

Hell, it was even the TITLE of this article:

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)

September 15, 2001 Saturday

Late Edition

America’s chickens come home to roost


`BAA, bah Moscow/Your troops are in Kabul/You cannot have our athletes/But you can certainly have our wool.” Remember it? Maybe not. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in December 1979 and the Fraser government’s uncritical support, in an election year, for the Carter doctrine of US support for the Islamic mujahideen (“holy warriors”) guerilla groups, in their US proxy war against the Soviet-backed Afghan regime of Babrak Karmal, was a long time ago.

Twenty-two years later the Americans are reaping the consequences of a monster they helped create but could not control; and Australia, again, is “shoulder to shoulder” with Washington, just as Bob Hawke was in February 1991 when he went to war in the Gulf with the father, and now John Howard, in an election year, is pledging to go to war with the son.

It took almost TWO WEEKS for it to be used in The Washington Post:

The Washington Post

September 23, 2001 Sunday

Castro Warns About U.S. Military Plans;

Cuba’s President Says Fighting Could Lead to ‘Infinite Killing of Innocent People’

Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post Foreign Service

Fidel Castro  said today that the U.S. government was run by “extremists” and “hawks” whose military response to the Sept. 11 terror attacks in New York and Washington could turn into an “infinite killing of innocent people.”

“Their capacity to destroy and kill is enormous, but their traits of equanimity, serenity, reflection and caution are, on the other hand, minimal,” Castro said, addressing more than 50,000 flag-waving Cubans in this small tobacco-producing town 20 miles south of Havana.

“In the name of justice and under the strange title of ‘Infinite Justice,’ the tragedy should not be used to irresponsibly start a war that, in reality, could turn into an infinite killing of innocent people,” said Castro, whose government’s statements about the attacks have grown increasingly shrill.

Castro recited several passages from President Bush’s address to Congress on Thursday. He said Bush’s call to arms could turn into a “struggle against ghosts they don’t know where to find — if they exist or not — [and] whether those they will kill have any responsibility” in the terror attacks. In the “strange holy war that is about to start, it’s impossible to tell on which side there is more fanaticism,” he said.


In the wake of the terror attacks, as the Bush administration has shifted from grief to war planning, Cuba has shifted its emphasis from sympathy for the victims to condemnation of U.S. policy.

Recent government statements, believed to reflect Castro’s views, have said the “chickens have come home to roost” for a nation that has “for more than five decades promoted terrorism on an enormous scale across the globe.” Opinions on nightly television news “round-tables,” which largely promote the government line, have also grown increasingly sharp.

Seattle Weekly

October 11, 2001, Thursday


BYLINE: nina shapiro

Robert Burrowes is a specialist on Yemen at the Jackson School of International Studies:

Yemen is illustrative of the extent to which most of what I call revolutionary political Islam, particularly in the last couple of decades, really is tied to Afghanistan. It was the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan that led to the call for militant Islamists to come to Pakistan, train, and then go fight in Afghanistan. And this was largely a CIA and Saudi conceived, designed, organized, funded project–it was a Cold War project.

What happens when the Cold War ends is that the U.S. and the Saudis end their support, and the chickens come home to roost. These Arabs, now called Afghani Arabs or Arab Afghanis, from Algeria, Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia itself (like bin Laden), the Sudan, even from the Philippines, Indonesia–these people began to filter back. The Arabs from all these different countries, who by this time had become more militant Islamists, were a peer group. They had interacted with one another, and they had learned how to fight.

A significant portion came from Yemen, but a much larger group filtered back into the Arab world by way of Yemen because the government was so weak, the borders were so porous. This, I think, explains why you had in the mid-1990s militant Islamic activity.

United Press International

November 6, 2001, Tuesday

U.S., Saudi chickens come home to roost

By MARTIN SIEFF, Senior News Analyst

A specter is haunting the Bush administration and the ruling House of Saud in Saudi Arabia. It is that the hypocrisies, double standards and deliberate blind eyes that both governments have practiced for two decades may now be coming back to haunt them.

Saudi Arabia has been a major strategic partner of the United States ever since the mid-1950s, when it replaced Texas as the key “swing” oil producer for the whole world.

But the Washington-Riyadh partners did far more than that. Saudi Arabia also poured vast funds in Pakistan with Washington’s eager approval. And it also bankrolled the mujahedin, Muslim “warriors of God” that the United States supported in their fight against the invading Soviet Red Army in Afghanistan. And in 1986, when the Soviets appeared to have finally turned the tide against the Islamic mujahedin, the United States tipped the scales in their favor again by supplying them with limitless quantities of hand-held Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

In doing so, they taught the young rising generation of Muslim extremists, radicalized by their Saudi-funded schooling, that they could take on a superpower and beat it. Now the United States itself must face the consequences of that confidence in Afghanistan.

From America’s point of view, it all seemed to work so well. At least for two decades. But since the Sept. 11 slaughter of between 3,000 to 5,000 Americans in the World Trade Towers in New York City, American policymakers are nervously being forced to acknowledge the significance of other factors they have been only too happy to ignore over the past two decades.

The Bush administration has so far put no pressure on the Saudis over this and made no recriminations. On the contrary, as UPI Analysis and UPI Hears have reported on an ongoing basis, U.S. foreign policy since Sept. 11 has tilted dramatically in directions the Saudis wanted it to go. The Palestinians and the Pakistanis have been courted and Israel and India pressured intensely to refrain from retaliation against terrorist attacks from Islamic groups.

Whether it was indeed roosting chickens is a rather weighty subject since the consensus opinion is that the nineteen people in the jets are best explained away as irrational hateful aberrations…  They did it because they ‘hated our freedom’ and our ability to buy shit at Walmart, right?

Tomorrow we shall discuss what “God’s will” means, and how it isn’t and is about these roosting chickens…

“Post-race” America my ass…

A journey through the past week has proven that America is not even close to being ‘post-race’ as some would have us believe. No, what this week has shown us is that while Americans may be able to get their collective head around the idea of voting for a black man, they will not do so if that black man has ever associated with an ‘uppity negro’.  It seemed for about an hour-and-a-half Friday night that perhaps America’s view of the most recent ‘uppity-negro’ could be mollified by the smooth as silk dulcet voice of Bill Moyers, and the now-dressed-like-a-white-man-with-his-elbows-on-the-table Reverend cooing softly to the nice white fellow with the tie…

Ah, but alas, it was not to be. It was but a mirage. The NAACP speech was just too much, and absent Mr. Moyers whiteness to protect us by petting the Reverend softly and almost purring into his ear, our ‘uppity negro’ dared to…well, be ‘uppity’.  And, America may not be as bad as it was, but, it just is not ready to listen to an ‘uppity negro’. God forbid they challenge the negro du jour with counter arguments–to do so would be to legitimize him! (Oh, and we white folks don’t have convincing counters–what the man said in Detroit was solid as a rock).

I leave aside one of our other favorite ‘uppity negros’ the good Reverend Sharpton who we all knew could not endorse Senator Obama because once he did, the filthy knuckle-draggers at Fox and elsewhere would have Senator Obama roped together with the Reverend Sharpton so that they both would cast an indistinguishable shadow for the next several months.

How truly pathetic it all is.  By Sunday, Senator Obama was licking at the trough at Fox with his hat in his hand like a beggar selling pencils to passersby who could care less if he lived or died.  

Monday gave us the Press Club. Uhoh!  Uppity-negro, days away from the docile petting of Mr Moyers, and days after the NAACP, decided that the latter event was indeed more to his liking and told it as it is.  Again, nothing he said was incorrect.  But, no one cared to argue against him; no, they don’t have to.  For, he is an ‘uppity negro’ and they need not apply.

Today, Senator Obama, appearing in white-face, a sandwich of bologna, wonder bread, and mayonnaise beside him for support, heaved one uppity negro so far under the bus that he may have come out of the backside of it as exhaust. But, no fear, the bus was ridden over his carcass over and over…  The faux-liberals all breathed a sigh of relief, ‘whew…glad that is over with….’.

But, it isn’t over. It will not be over until the time that uppity negros are no more.  And, I’ve got news for America: it ain’t gonna happen!  And, this campaign, as it unfolds and winds its way through the streets of Denver will, God willing, make the ‘uppity negro’ the rule, and not the exception…  

My copy of Photoshop is possessed; is yours?

I am getting rather tired of the accusations going back-and-forth whether the pristinely white Clinton Family has distorted an image of Obama to make him appear ‘black enough’ to fear being in your child’s bedroom at three o’clock in the morning, or some such nonsense.  

Obviously, the Clinton Family would never in a million years put their own psychopathic need for power over the will of the people, the principles of the Democratic Party, and the Principles that the Junior Senator espouses with such passion on the campaign trail….

I think I have identified the problem.  It appears that the Obama campaign is using their influence with the people at Adobe!  If i am not mistaken, a copy of photoshop is also being used by the Islamic Jihad in Gaza, and representative Ellison in his office in Minneapolis.  clearly, Americe is under attack, and Adobe is giving aide and comfort to the enemies…

For example, when I open my favorite picture of what’s-her-name:


I see this:


The bastards! how audacious!

Adobe! delete my fucking account and fix my fucking software, dammit!!!

god bless America, Chelsea Clinton, Bill’s penis, and the Junior Senator from New York!

She’s Lost Control

Can’t seem to get this wonderful song from the late 1970s out of my head since Saturday afternoon when I saw some crazy woman in a red pant-suit on the television:

The sound quality of this youtube is probably the best…

Confusion in her eyes that says it all.

She’s lost control.

And she’s clinging to the nearest passer by,

She’s lost control.

And she gave away the secrets of her past,

And said I’ve lost control again,

And a voice that told her when and where to act,

She said I’ve lost control again.

And she turned to me and took me by the hand and said,

I’ve lost control again.

And how I’ll never know just why or understand,

She said I’ve lost control again.

And she screamed out kicking on her side and said,

I’ve lost control again.

And seized up on the floor, I thought she’d die.

She said I’ve lost control again.

She’s lost control again.

She’s lost control.

She’s lost control again.

She’s lost control.

Well I had to ‘phone her friend to state her case,

And say she’s lost control again.

And she showed up all the errors and mistakes,

And said I’ve lost control again.

But she expressed herself in many different ways,

Until she lost control again.

And walked upon the edge of no escape,

And laughed I’ve lost control again.

She’s lost control again.

She’s lost control.

She’s lost control again.

She’s lost control.

I could live a little better with permissible (the miserable?) lies,

When the darkness broke in, I just broke down and cried.

I could live a little in a wider line,

When the change is done, when the dare is gone,

To lose control. When the dare is gone…

War Crimes, and Rep. John Conyers

Upon the request of this site’s Master, I am posting a diary that was originally published on Daily Kos over one year ago, and read on the Mike Malloy show on January 30, 2007. Of course, the diary remains as strong today as it was a year ago. The Opposition Party has yet to act appropriately on putting a stop to the Bush Crime Family and their criminal activities, at home and abroad.

When the Democrats were the Minority Party, it was always somewhat encouraging to hear about this or that Democratic Senator or Congressperson sending letters to senior Bush Administration officials letters regarding the officials’ bad behavior. There was a sense one experienced of being along with others in a fight, that if only we had a majority, would be won.

So, everyone on this site worked hard this past year, handing out fliers, making phone calls, going to rallies, and looking forward to voting on Election Day. Well, we did our jobs quite nicely. Most of us can now say that our candidate won! Whether it be a congress, senate, state senate, or governor, most of were successful. Now, we look and several of us are happy with the progress being made, or are content knowing that there are many in Washington that are dedicated to completing a Democratic agenda. While others of us want to see some of those outstanding letters considered with more intensity and urgency.

This diary discusses a letter of John Conyers, now Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  If you read nothing else below, please click on the link to the letter, read it, and note the signatures of fifty elected officials who, as far as I can tell, have remained silent on this issue for the past year…

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