Jeruselem Post takes to publishing spam. Nigerian businessman wets himself…

In what can only be characterized as chutzpah on the part of the newspaper in Israel that is so far up the Junior Senator’s campaign as to be inside it has now taken to have one its regular columnists simply reprint spam and pretend it is original thinking…

I suppose that since Peter Daou is not spinning lies at Daily Kos on a regular basis any longer, he has taken to forwarding spam to sympathetic columnists in hopes that they print something bad about Senator Obama.

The columnist is Daniel Pipes and the spam disguised as news is located here.

Whilst visiting the site yesterday and reading this gentleman’s column as I often do, the words seemed remarkably familiar to me since several of the knuckle-draggers from Daily Kos who do not support Senator Obama have been kind enough to add my e-mail address to several lists that populate my spam folder at gmail with everything from requests to comment on Messrs. Garin and Dauo’s propaganda, or give me an opportunity to ‘finally put a woman in the White House…’.  Well, I suppose it is a step up from the old days when I was getting e-mail with alleged Palestinians holding up the alleged entrails of Jewish children from a balcony, but, only time will tell.

Anyway, should those who haven’t received this e-mail in the past, you can play along as well. Thanks to the ‘right-click | search the Internet for…’ option, all one has to do is take a chunk of Mr Pipes’ column and see for yourself.

What I find remarkable is not only that crap like this gets published in the Jerusalem Post, but, that the gentleman re-printing the spam is identified as follows:

The writer is director of the Middle East Forum and is the Taube/Diller distinguished visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University.

Who knew that the great Stanford University apparently gives fellowships to people who suck spam…oh, nevermind–I see it is the Hoover Institution–vacuums and not Herberts, apparently.


  1. (although I certainly didn’t enjoin anyone to send you spam), I can nevertheless understand your objection to this crap.  More of the same garbage that gets chucked at both candidates, all candidates, anyone who raises his or her hand and offers to lead.  

    Seems to me I’ve heard of Pipes.  I think he’s the son of Richard Pipes, a heavy-duty historian of the Soviet Union, and both father and son are even heavier-duty wingers, who presumably hate both Obama and Clinton as much as do their less august, but equally benighted, brethren (and cistern).

    Stand by to see this shit endlessly recycled in every medium, it’s not remarkable at all.  And thanks for the compliment.

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