I never tell you who or ask either because it’s your own damn business. I do think its important to encourage you to, you know, democracy. Unless you let them know exactly how pissed off you are by firing a few of them they’ll never get the message that everybody pretty much hates them.

There is one Party I hate more than the other and that’s because they’re Nazis, no kidding. Their candidate is running for F├╝hrer. I can’t wait to get back to pointing out the fecklessness of Democrats along with their policies of corruption and failure (Neo Liberalism is a garbage lie, Medicare for everyone!).

My prediction is a sweep. Won’t need Pennsylvania, Florida will do. I think it’s a 50 / 50 shot Texas goes down too, maybe even Ohio (though I doubt it and Iowa is not the only State that is 75% vowels). I’ll even venture we might pick up 10 or 11 Senate seats net including Lindsey and maybe Moscow Mitch (with a fair wind and a following tide).

I’m headed to North Lake to watch the results, for one thing it will be a break. But the other prediction I have is that the MAGA Deplorables are going Helter Skelter (you know who’s handwriting his resembles? Charles Manson, analysis from 1988). I am not worried about Crips, Bloods, Latin Kings, or MS13 sacking a Mall, for one thing, they’re insured against that. Nah, I’m worried about Yahoos from the Naugatuck Valley fanning out and shooting all the people they think are “”Librul” on sight, they’re already ramped up for Hunting Season.

My other despair is that I think Joe Biden is the same Conservative DINO he’s always been and he’s setting up Kamala Harris (who, far from the most liberal, is a leading member of the Corporatist Caucus) to succeed him when he retires.

In short the Democratic Party will draw all the wrong lessons and nothing will happen at all until the next disaster, which is inevitable.

If nothing else I have my canoe and Tahiti.