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A Personal Request for Help From SF Kossacks

Could any SFKossack out there pretend to have asked for a solar consultation from me?

Here's the situation: I've been looking for work; selling solar power.

It's really a long shot (I'm some old lady with only an Art School education). Finally I found a company but the interview failed to convince them that I could do it. They referred me to the PG&E solar training.

At my first PG&E class last week the woman who sat next to me was a SF resident who wanted a solar consultation and I took her name and email down – and emailed the solar company back and offered the lead in return for a demo of how a solar consultation should look, at her site.

Amazingly, this morning they actually emailed me back that in return for my “soft lead” they would show me how to do a consultation professionally. (The commission would have gone to my trainer, who would be a guy from the company) and actually renewed the possibility that I could start working for them, based on this one contact.

Woohoo!!! Right?

I then found I had lost my PG&E colleagues contact info.

The Safest Investment Would Be In Nature’s ‘Capital’


We have all seen what happened when what our financial markets mistakenly thought was worth investing in turned out to be a chimera: “What investors thought was safe as houses has turned out to be nothing more than the property of the poor disguised in a silver wrapper, enabling bankers to pocket billions.”

The BBC’s Green Room this morning has a better idea: Why don’t we invest in “Natures Capital”? Since forests perform the function of a giant planetary utility…