A Personal Request for Help From SF Kossacks

Could any SFKossack out there pretend to have asked for a solar consultation from me?

Here's the situation: I've been looking for work; selling solar power.

It's really a long shot (I'm some old lady with only an Art School education). Finally I found a company but the interview failed to convince them that I could do it. They referred me to the PG&E solar training.

At my first PG&E class last week the woman who sat next to me was a SF resident who wanted a solar consultation and I took her name and email down – and emailed the solar company back and offered the lead in return for a demo of how a solar consultation should look, at her site.

Amazingly, this morning they actually emailed me back that in return for my “soft lead” they would show me how to do a consultation professionally. (The commission would have gone to my trainer, who would be a guy from the company) and actually renewed the possibility that I could start working for them, based on this one contact.

Woohoo!!! Right?

I then found I had lost my PG&E colleagues contact info.

(after hearing nothing for several days, I wasn't expecting to hear back)

But now the company is expecting me to get back to them with an appointment.

Does anyone (maybe someone who had wanted to get a solar consultation anyway) want to make an appointment to stand in for my lost “lead”? It would not obligate you, obviously. I just need the demo.

You could really help get one kossack back to work.


  1. As I said when I posted this request at dk just now:

    They do all the terrific stuff that gets homeowners to zero energy, not just solar, so it is a leading edge company that I really want to work for.

    And I like that they were willing to meet with me, despite my not being the standard solar person.

    (I write about renewable energy at various sites online and the boss was a published novelist in a previous life, so I think that may have been the connection.)

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