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Social Justice

Wasn’t feeling very inspired yesterday when I wrote my weekly piece here at Docudharma.  And it showed.

andgarden made a comment that wasn’t very tactful perhaps, but was deadly accurate:

I mostly agree, but

I hope it will be something new and different, that we’ll all find a way to change the paradigm of how we speak to each other as Americans.  I hope we’ll talk about social justice, the deep primal human needs that percolate through our sophisticated and civilized minds and find their finest expression in laws, laws that apply to everyone equally.

seems just a tad bombastic. I’m just here to pass the time. And, you know, maybe force the establishment to see the error of their ways–if that’s possible.

And that is true.  I was being more than a tad bombastic.  It’s hard sometimes to get down to the real feelings on this.  The very term “social justice” is a ponderous and bombastic couple of words.

So I’m gonna try again, leaving out the bombast, I hope, and reaching more for the nitty gritty.

Friday Night at 8

Oh the old intertubes aren’t working very well at casa del Nightprowlkitty, but hopefully I’ll get this posted in time.  If I don’t comment right away, you’ll know why.

Does anyone else share the feeling I have today, a feeling of something impending?  Because I don’t have anything to say about current events or culture or even personal anecdotes.  I feel a sense of apprehension.  And of course it’s about America.

I think even the boys at the big blogs are now aware that business is not as usual.  We’ve even got kos yelling at the Democrats over their incomprehensible behavior when it comes to opposing this misAdministration.

Something has changed.  August was the lull before the storm.  Folks all over the country are waiting for someone to pull the plug on these criminals.  Everyone agrees they are criminals, everyone knows they want to take us into a world of unending war, unending governmental incompetence, unending theft and corruption.  That’s simply how they operate.  They don’t know how to do anything else.

And now we are all awaiting a report by David Petraeus and everyone already knows the White House has rewritten it, everyone knows this misAdministration is doing its best to discredit the GAO’s report, shout down any dissent on what is going on in Iraq.  And here we sit, wondering what’s going to happen.

This isn’t like Viet Nam.  We’re older and wiser now.  We see this happening in real time, all of us.  It’s strange and surreal in so many ways.

Friday Night at 8

Eastern Standard Time, that is.  I'm live from New York.  (Well, woulda been 8 pm EST, but I screwed up the formatting on the time.  Sorry 'bout that!)

I had all sorts of ideas on what I wanted my weekly essay to be about.  Fuck it.  I couldn't be consistent if you put a gun to my head.

But today's essay will be about diversity.

A Poem for Pinche

Oh this will be easy, because I just know Pinche will never read this poem,  having vowed never to read poetry — I believe he said something to the effect it’s … icky.

So here’s a poem just for you, Pinche, even though you will never read it.


So what is this place, and why are there dragons and tigers and horses on the banner?

And I’m looking at the folks here and I find this is a motley crew of sarcastic overly enthusiastic over the hill kossacks (and armando) and I see this slogan about “blogging the future” like maybe someone has a time machine or something?

And we have to use html and there’s all this talk about schedules and times and mission statements and rating systems that are all ponies and pies and hidden secret stuff.

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