A Poem for Pinche

Oh this will be easy, because I just know Pinche will never read this poem,  having vowed never to read poetry — I believe he said something to the effect it’s … icky.

So here’s a poem just for you, Pinche, even though you will never read it.

Poem for Pinche

It’s very bad,
It’s awful rotten,
These asshat poems,
By hell begotten.

Pinche vowed,
To close the door
On poems by poets

O how I tremble!
How I quake!
To think my work
Such dire mistake!

From Pinche’s words
oh dare I think
that all my poems
verily stink?

Ah no, alas!
That cannot be!
For lo! The stink
It comes from he!

My fiery rage
Will never die
Till Pinche repents
His evil lie!

For poems are good,
And poems are neat
And I’m a poet,
Cute and sweet.

I shall not stop
’cause Pinche cries
‘gainst poetry
and gives it pies.

So stay away,
I shall not stop!
I’ll write my poems
Until I drop!

The end.  😛


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    • pico on August 30, 2007 at 00:04

    put down that pen,
    since poet’s oft
    have greater ken:

    They grapple with
    the root of things.
    Where pundits gab,
    The poet sings.

    And if you doubt,
    ask which is worse:
    a lie in prose
    or truth in verse?

  1. the big oak tree
    first i put my palms flat on its bark
    it pulled me closer
    then i leaned into it, body against bark
    with heart pounding, thump thump thump
    all the sounds you hear in the dark
    under the covers in the quiet late night

    i lost my bearings
    and this beating heart
    …felt like two

  2. Who claimed that all verse was Bat Guano

    His friends came around

    And all beat him down

    Until poems were all he would swallow!

  3. as to the content…well….i disagree with pinche’s opinion, but ill fight (not with you, of course, but in general) for his right to express it.  or something like that.

    it took me a long time in my life to be able to look at things through others eyes, as poetry often requires.  and it took effort on my part; it didnt come naturally to me at all.  so i understand those who dont appreciate it as much as i do.

    my vote:  keep ’em coming!!!

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