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Eat a Dog

“Independence Day”!? Even I must admit that the term is technically true because on this date some rebels, yes rebels, put their lives on the line by signing their names on a piece of vellum parchment(sheepskin), not hemp.

Had a friend of mine say today that this day is actually not a celebration of the military but of agitators. He is right and he is wrong. First, those that signed the document were leaders of their “colonies”, though in reality the people living in them may not have known these cats were starting a war. Secondly, as the representatives(the rich dudes) they were ostensibly the CIC of the Militias.

Joseph would be jealous if he knew the extent of propaganda used to herd the sheep. Karl learned it and taught the Democrats a lesson.

^discern that meaning and you win a prize^

Case in point.

So here we are, free, intelligent humans able to discern truth from fiction. Oh if it were so it would be a beautiful world. I think back to the falsehoods(lies) that were taught when I was but a wee one and cringe. The cringe is nothing when I consider the “willies” induced when I consider what kids are taught today. Too often I throw my hands in the air and say, “such is life” and that “history is written by the victor”.

Well here is a little history from some dopeheads that I have passed on to my grandkid. he’s twelve, I can only hope he teaches his siblings.

I Don’t Care About Your Politics

Shall we worship the SEC!

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Alright I got kicked out of Church last Sunday because I told them gay marriage had nothing to do with me and Christians are suppose to preach love and understanding and blah blah blah. Anybody that has ever met me understands how delicately I put my views out there.

Anyway here we are that Leornard Fournette is the best football player in America. If he would have been recruited as the Linebacker he was in High School he would have been the number one recruit. He is at LSU as a starting sophmore running back and will punish people from the backfield.

So this old asshole holds up “The Book” and says, blah blah blah. He didn’t agree that if he gave me fifteen goats I would offer my daughter, or some such.

So Jefferson broke in a house and was arrested which in my opinion was a good thing because Harris will be the QB now. What we need is the offensive line to step up. They are young but they are tough.

God help us if any of them are gay 😉    


Never allow others inside.

You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.

Friedrich Nietzsche

You think you know, yet you honestly don’t.

I can tell you how to approach the precipice.      

Don’t follow me because I tend to go headlong into the abyss.

The Texture of Your Balls

(An imagined interview by a sick individual)

Reporter: Tom can you determine the difference in your balls inflation?

Tom: I like my balls in the lower range.

Reporter: Who determines the range Tom?

Tom: I do. I know when my balls feel the most comfortable. Of course I do have others that feel my balls. When I say “feel my balls” i mean that I determine the correct pressure and show others the tightness I prefer.

Reporter: You stated earlier that you are handed the balls, correct?

Who hands you your balls?

Tom: I have a ball guy.

Reporter: Is this “ball guy” the only one that handles your balls?

Tom: Well no there is usually a few referees and the halfback likes to handle them, there are also the receivers that like to get the feel of them. Before gametime of course.

Reporter: Does anyone touch your balls at halftime?

Tom: Usually only my ball guy but last week I am told someone touched my balls.

Reporter: Can you tell when others touch your balls?

Tom: Only Giselle  

I go nuts


Never Know what to Say

I know it doesn’t really matter but it does to me. I need to make sure my soul is bare for all to see because I have nothing to hide.

So let’s fucking Rock and Roll

I am Sitting here Shaking

I have things I want to say and probably later but tonight I’ll just do this.

Life throws curves sometimes you miss the ball.

What do you do when people hate you?

Have you ever made an attempt to help someone and they turned around to hand you a shit sandwich?  

I get tired I just get tired. It really is tiresome to bear the weight with no acknowledgment that you do so and have to absorb threats in the process.

A word problem

Six hundred divided by four divided by forty five?

There are People and There are Things

There are People that touch the soul. Every one of you know who you are and baby this is for you.  Thank You


You really never know what you are going to see or learn.

Convictions They Should Not Go as the Wind Blows

Sometimes there are things, actions even issues that when seen must be called out. Whether it be war, poverty, racism, homophobia, misogyny or just plain old hate. It warms my heart to see people that have plenty to lose willing to put their neck on the block to do what is right for their fellow human.

I know I am preaching to the choir here.

It just makes me feel good to see and hear brave souls that have all to lose and nothing to gain do what is obviously the correct thing.

NFL punter Chris Kluwe intends to sue Minnesota Vikings

“I think it’s just important that everyone is able to see what’s there,” he said. “Yeah, it’ll probably hurt. These things always do. But the only way we’re ever going to fix it is if we acknowledge that.”

I have Daughters

I love them and I believe they love me. There is a pattern that emerged years ago, of which I told each of them was obvious because I had already played that game. My youngest has produced two and has another on the way, her old man has a good job and they are doing well. My oldest, she’s the shit. She rules the roost, she is my mother reincarnated, and Mama is still alive. I am actually working for her now. Don’t get me wrong, the apple doesn’t fall far. They are both a trip in their own way, might have been the concoctions at the time. The youngest makes the hubby slave so she has to do nothing. I think they take after their respective Mothers.


Back to the point.

They like my sisters fell in with the close minded right wing fucks that have been raised around here and really do not appreciate when I call them idiots. Of course I would not do such a thing, except in real life. It turns out husbands don’t appreciate when the thoughts they were raised with are questioned

So I am working for my kid remodeling a house for her to move in to.

I found something we agree on, it starts at 3:50

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