I have Daughters

I love them and I believe they love me. There is a pattern that emerged years ago, of which I told each of them was obvious because I had already played that game. My youngest has produced two and has another on the way, her old man has a good job and they are doing well. My oldest, she’s the shit. She rules the roost, she is my mother reincarnated, and Mama is still alive. I am actually working for her now. Don’t get me wrong, the apple doesn’t fall far. They are both a trip in their own way, might have been the concoctions at the time. The youngest makes the hubby slave so she has to do nothing. I think they take after their respective Mothers.


Back to the point.

They like my sisters fell in with the close minded right wing fucks that have been raised around here and really do not appreciate when I call them idiots. Of course I would not do such a thing, except in real life. It turns out husbands don’t appreciate when the thoughts they were raised with are questioned

So I am working for my kid remodeling a house for her to move in to.

I found something we agree on, it starts at 3:50


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