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Tonight, I decided I needed to be distracted myself, so I went out at 4:30 this afternoon with my iPod on, my camera, & went riding my bicycle on the street.

Thinking I`d get away from the catastrophe in the gulf & the murderous piracy in the sea off Gaza, the first thing I saw was a snake. A snake in the grass. I thought of the CEO of BP immediately, then shut those thoughts down, called the little twins & their dad (they were getting in their car) over to see The Snake, then put bad thoughts out of my mind.

I caught this also, with which I decided to start over again.




DSCN0129Another week, another few million gallons of oil.

I`m posting these images tonight to get me away from

watching  more videos of spewing black death.


I set up three identical cameras in exactly the same way.

I gave one to each of my  granddaughters, kept one for myself & we went on walkabout.

I explained aperture & shutter speed to them.

Here are some of the shots.

I haven`t downloaded all of them, so there are more of Chloe`s (8 years old) than Jackie`s. (10 years old)

It was a great way to have fun with the girls.

I`ll start with Chloe`s shots, then one of Jackie`s.

Then it`s off to Indian Territory, & then, the races.


Due to personal time constraints, I was not able to post last Friday`s usual distractions.

Tonight, I`m submitting a few shots of what I close the day with, taken from my deck.

Not only is the view outstanding, but the sounds of crashing waves, which resound from just beyond the tree line, make the beauty all the more intense.

Many of these images are composites of many images.

Some of these are not yet cropped, so it`s quite obvious that I just take these free-hand. (no tripod)

It`s always a pleasure to get home just in time for these.

The light colored one is also a merged set, but taken from my old house.

To the right of center in the distance, is where all the others were taken, Point Dume.


Intervention Update

For all of you who were so nice to have responded to my call for help last week,

I`d like to update you on the situation.

The original post is here.…

I had told you that I would forward the link to your comments, to the father.

I have been in touch with him throughout the past week, & tonight,

I have good but also sad news, temporary, I hope.

The father just left my house & told me that his son was removed from the family home,

to be transported to a residential treatment location.

He`d called first to say he was coming to pick up the family dog, Buddha

I was taking care of Buddha since the escalation of the situation in the family home

He`s quite sad to have had to resort to this heartbreaking decision,

but does wish to thank everyone for helping him see what he already saw, although,

through glasses fogged  by loving fatherhood.

Personally, I would like to thank you so very sincerely for having come to my aide to help a friend.



Tonight although I`ve spent a bit of time on another essay, I wanted to not distract you so much as impress upon you the importance of what a human error can cost. I shall only do so with images & no further commentary except to strongly suggest you click on the last long shot & go to “original” size.

It is a composite of 10 shots covering the 14 foot long reef tank in my friend`s shop.

14 feet is nothing on the scale of the real wild reefs out there, but you surely get the implication.

By human error, I mean the collective who decided it was OK to cause this



Info on teen intervention Needed

A very good friend of mine has a problem.

I was over at his house today where I was to meet his son.

We had a nice talk about gardening & lizards, out on the grounds around the house. There was no one else there.

The mom had told me she wasn`t around much, since she was caring for her ill brother. I`m very friendly with the mom & she`s a very very nice person. Their daughter comes over to my house & I can leave her there by herself.

I trust her to no end. She`s going off to college back east in the fall.

The older brother is in his second year at San Francisco U.

He also is a personal friend & always welcome at our house.

Now we come to the dad.

He`s a doctor & one of the nicest person anyone could ever meet.

So what`s the problem.


With all that`s been going on, a few distractions may help in dealing with the normal stresses of everyday life.

For those who were there & remember what to me was a major formative time of my life, I`ll start off with the ladies of the sixties, their colorful scarves, the hopes we all had in peace & love.

The world was ours.

For those who weren`t there at the time, these images may take you on a trip to the past, which really still is around in the present.

You simply have to look around & see it.

It only takes to be distracted from what you`re shown, to see the things that are.


 4 DSCN7518


Tonight I think some Peace & quiet is warranted.

I`ll try & blend in Earth Day with my usual eclectic mix.

I added a few images of how corals can be propagated in the back yard,

from a “mother” coral.

Rather than take them out of the oceans, one is all that`s needed.

From that one, small fragments or “frags” are then grown out to produce more & more.

In some cases, this is being done to replenish damaged reefs.

In my hobby, not only corals but many fish & clams are being aqua-cultured.

I`ll open with a little Peace & Quiet I built for a client.

The Jacuzzi is a saltwater one on a separate system from the pond below it.




A year ago today I did have this same diary up, but here we go again, though with a little more hope for legalization.

A little mention of this day (actually it refers to a time, 4:20 of day), is in order I think, to remind people that this is not an evil plant, but should be a nice addition to those fruit & vegetable gardens we should all have, that soon may be, that we “must” have.

How to use 4/20 in an instruction manual:

4 rolls of twine & 20 bricks, will spread one plant into an area dream.



Again, we meet on the end of the week.

Sometimes, just because we feel like we are being watched, does not necessarily mean we are, or aren`t.

Seeing as I don`t really care who, is or isn`t, looking, I try & see what I find optimally beneficial to my sanity.

So tonight you get to see what I find to be the little things that catch my eye.

So, some of these images may bring out the, “Help, the paranoias are after me”, but they are just watching so they too can learn.

I`ll open with a Tupac tune. One of the only raps I get along with.


A little Percula hiding in it`s preferred head of  Torch Coral.



Tonight, it being Friday, a new set of images I`m presenting show power that things have, implied or inherent.

I left out many, such as the power of hate, or the power of hypocrisy etc, but if you follow, you`ll see what I mean.

This first image I took a few days ago while a photo shoot was going on.

I went up from the opposite side & shot this.




Well it`s good Friday again, or Good Friday.

Still & all, we all try to look to the better things, through hopes, dreams, & aspirations.

Tonight I have images that show progression.

Others that show inevitability, such as a sunset.

And yet others that evoke hope for the future of the subject in the image, be it singular, or as a species.

These images are not in any way as serious as the intro may suggest.

To prove it, here`s a pod.



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