Intervention Update

For all of you who were so nice to have responded to my call for help last week,

I`d like to update you on the situation.

The original post is here.…

I had told you that I would forward the link to your comments, to the father.

I have been in touch with him throughout the past week, & tonight,

I have good but also sad news, temporary, I hope.

The father just left my house & told me that his son was removed from the family home,

to be transported to a residential treatment location.

He`d called first to say he was coming to pick up the family dog, Buddha

I was taking care of Buddha since the escalation of the situation in the family home

He`s quite sad to have had to resort to this heartbreaking decision,

but does wish to thank everyone for helping him see what he already saw, although,

through glasses fogged  by loving fatherhood.

Personally, I would like to thank you so very sincerely for having come to my aide to help a friend.


I also would like to reiterate the relationship I had with this young man.

As proof of this, I will tell you what I was told tonight, by the father.

The transport team, (those in charge of taking the young man, from A to B)

were in touch with the father, at different points/times of the journey.

At one point, he was allowed to briefly talk to his son.

During that conversation, he specifically requested that I personally be allowed to take care of

all his exotic cactus & succulents, that he was so proud of & that I`d helped him with.

As a matter of fact, (and as you`d know, if you read the original post) the last time I talked with him,

was by his invitation to come over to see his fresh blooms, & to photograph them.

That means so much to me, & I believe the father was also impressed, that his son cared about his interests, over hating. (That`s not the right word, but I don`t know how to pick the “right” one.

The mom & dad now have the beginning of their new lives back.

It sounds great, but I`m sure is filled with sadness, for the time being.

Many times during our conversations over the past week, your comments & advice was referred to, in grateful terms.

Thank you for stepping up & taking your valuable time to help a stranger.

I know you all did this for nothing in return, but you shall reap a hundredfold what you`ve sown.

I will bring more updates over time.

These are photos I took the last time I spent time with my young friend last week.

As you can see, he is quite adept with his green thumb & how to bring beauty out, simply with a seed.

I`m sure he too will blossom.

I will not let him do otherwise.

That`s what friends are for.

Thank you.











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  1. Thank you

    • TMC on May 14, 2010 at 6:29 am

    it all works out for them, especially the young man who seems to have some cracks in the wall he has built around himself. Those are very impressive cacti and succulents.

    Knucklehead, you are a really good, caring friend. Thanks for the up date.

  2. beautiful photos, beautiful friends.

    we get by…. with a little help…


  3. also thank you for being you.

    The world would be a much better place if more people cared about others as you do.

  4. Knucklehead – thank you for writing here and for everything you did – you are a true inspiration to me.

    I hope your young friend can deal with the demons in his head.  It seems like there’s a good kid in there waiting to come out.

    Sometimes the brain can be an extraordinarily fickle thing – I know it first hand, being a recovering alcoholic. I study the brain for a living but could not fathom my own mind.  I hope he is able to find peace in his own head and be happy.

    Thank you again for sharing this with us – it really has inspired me to leave my comfort zone and be more active in helping people I care about.

  5. …. is to put it out by the mailbox and neglect it.   That and lavender, something in our well water does not agree with it.  Just out of reach of the irrigation works, and then I take a little water out of the pond once in a while for it.  I ration it by using a small plastic tub instead of a bucket.   I think the cactus does not like the winter here, so much.  A bit wet and cold.

    Here we are natural for things such as blackberry brambles, roses, geraniums, and plums, almonds.  

    Those are very, very nice.  You are a good friend.  

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