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DSCN0129Another week, another few million gallons of oil.

I`m posting these images tonight to get me away from

watching  more videos of spewing black death.


I set up three identical cameras in exactly the same way.

I gave one to each of my  granddaughters, kept one for myself & we went on walkabout.

I explained aperture & shutter speed to them.

Here are some of the shots.

I haven`t downloaded all of them, so there are more of Chloe`s (8 years old) than Jackie`s. (10 years old)

It was a great way to have fun with the girls.

I`ll start with Chloe`s shots, then one of Jackie`s.

Then it`s off to Indian Territory, & then, the races.









Indian Territory

Towards My House

 2 DSCN7494

From My House

 2 DSCN7499

Purple Passion


 flat DSCN7436


Mocking Babies


First Birthday

(Pirate Theme)


Endtable Lamp


California Poppies



Long Lost Lady



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  1. Have a safe & sane Memorial Day Weekend.

    I`m usually good about replying to all comments, although I`m having a big yard sale at my place, so my replies may be sporadically timed.

    Thank you for all the support you`ve given over the past year.

  2. You would not believe, or, perhaps, you would, that just today, I took some pics of a lovely sage (spice) plant I have in bloom, almost identical to some your precious “grand-kids” took.  They actually did a very super job — but, they have a super mentor!

    The Gulf has/is “engulfing” my thoughts these days, as I’m sure it is yours.  I feel kinda’ sick, really!

    Hope you have a super weekend with “all.”  

    Hugs, Tahoe!

  3. That’s my title for it.

    Absolutely gorgeous,

    Very Calming.

    Expresses timelessness very well,

    yet very comforting.

    Great visual poetry.

    Thanks Knuck

  4. The only time in your life when you get to really FEEL the cake.

  5. As I mentioned, I was having a yard sale today & might be posting replies at strange times.

    Well thank god “Day One” of the yard sale is over.

    It started at 6:30 AM when some rude lady wanted to know how much an item was.

    I`d discussed with Teri that nothing would be sold before the start time of 8:00 AM to be fair to those who were not rude so I had to send her on her way.

    After giving away anything a child wanted & some bicycles for the poor in TJ, not to mention everything Teri sold at giveaway prices, we`re still $800.00 up.

    So now, we`re going out to dinner, (something we almost never do) to celebrate. (We`re also beat up, & don`t feel like cooking).

    I`ll be back later to reply to all your lovely comments.

    Thank you.

    And I`m including a shot I took from the yard of 5 planes telling the truth.


  6. Just returned a couple of hours ago from an eleven-day journey, visiting various family members, including some sight seeing in the bargain.  

    I’ve been to the Bay area and greater L.A./San Diego area several times, but had never driven the coastal route from Bodega Bay to Leggett, then 101 to the Oregon border.  The weather was almost perfect, but the trip on Highway 1 is definitely for the patient (many 15 mph curves).  Mendocino was clearly the highlight on Highway 1 and the redwood groves and Eureka on Highway 101.

    Lake Tahoe was beautiful, somewhat reminiscent of Lake Pend Oreille and Crater Lake and Yosemite was absolutely stunning!  A definite surprise was the Sundial Bridge in Redding, California, which was apparently built only five years ago.  The following photo (not mine, unfortunately) doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.

    Did you have a chance to check out Natalie Cole and George Benson’s rendition of “Nature Boy”?  

    Oh, and here’s the Sundial Bridge (a pedestrian-only bridge spanning the Sacramento River)…

    Sundial Bridge, Redding Pictures, Images and Photos

    Pink Sundial Bridge Pictures, Images and Photos

    Sundial Bridge - Redding, CA Pictures, Images and Photos

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