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Old and New

Old and New

Colonial Graveyard, US 258 South of Washington DC, August 1, 2011

Hope and Change

Hope and Change
Junk-shop Mannequin, US 17 South of Washington DC, July 31, 2011

Postcard From the Edge

Lindsay Lohan

Obama’s Nearest Neighbor

Obama's Nearest Neighbor

Barack Obama’s nearest neighbor lives in a plastic hut directly across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House. Her name is Conchita Picciotto, and she has been living on the same patch of sidewalk and protesting against nuclear weapons night and day, winter and summer for more than 30 years.

Since her partner at the vigil William Thomas died in 2009, Conchita has carried on more or less alone, handing out flyers and patiently explaining the consequences of a nuclear holocaust to anyone who stops to listen.

Conchita Picciotto has been beaten up and arrested and almost frozen in sub-zero temperatures again and again since her vigil began August 1, 1981. It was 99° in the shade when I talked to her last week, and there wasn’t any shade on Pennsylvania Avenue.

She’s there right now.

US Representative Sandy Adams (R-Florida)


US Representative Sandy Adams (R-Florida)




Amy Winehouse is Dead…

My Life on Capitol Hill

“It’s him again!”

“You can’t take pictures here!”

“Says who?”

“Says the Chief of Staff of the Judiciary Committee! He just told you that you can’t take pictures here! He told you the same thing yesterday.”

“You mean that cue-ball with the bad tie? Is he really the Chief of Staff? Did you see some ID? Does he own the Capitol? Who elected him? What gives him the right to abrogate my First Amendment freedom? Is he the boss of you? The committee isn’t even in session yet! There’s nobody here but you, me, C-Span and that human cue-ball! They sell out the public and I can’t even photograph the furniture?”

And so on.

Bipartisan Redesign of the US Capitol


Bipartisan Redesign of the US Capitol

Murdoch Hacks Celeb-Phones, Lib/Prog Bloggers Swoon!

Say what - 2
Say what?

Apparently Fox and Friends spy on celebs! And now the same lib/prog bloggers who make fun of the M$M for obsessing about WienerGate can’t stop screaming about poor old Rupert!

Privacy! It’s a middle-class and only a middle-class fetish.

Publicity defines celebs. They only exist to show off for nobodies!

And likewise the lower class is delighted to take off its pants for Jerry Springer, just as soon as there’s anything messed-up enough about them to be funny.

But for the phony “respectability” of the tight-assed bourgeoisie, revelation is the same as death!

So now it’s down with Murdoch, that god-awful disrespecter of bourgeois conventionalities!  



Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington DC, July 2011

The Beautiful and the Damned

The Beautiful and the Damned

Dirksen Senate Office Building, Washington DC, July, 2011

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