Amy Winehouse is Dead

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  1. A mighty sad event.  

  2. a little bit, more because her situation reminded me so much of many friends in music in NYC back in the day, than for any other reason.  My best friend, who I watched OD twice in my Soho, NYC loft (and later killed himself, or maybe OD’d one last time) used to talk about ‘fragile people’ – meaning artists on the edge. Ironically many of the people he put that label on though are still with us, including (I think) myself. At least I think I am.

    It’s a very powerful thing. Especially that one drug, once you’ve had it people (apparently ’cause I didn’t do that one) want it more than they want life. And I knew people that would do absolutely anything for it. Some of them are gone, others haven’t touched it for years, though I know they think about it every day, there’s really no in between.

    RIP Amy. And all the other ‘fragile people’.


  4. Respect.

    • RUKind on July 25, 2011 at 18:15

    Janis, Pigpen, Jimi, Jim Morrison, Cobain…

    What a shame for all of them gone so early. A blessing on their journeys.

  5. …I’m old enough to remember the deaths of Joplin, Hendrix and (for me, most of all) Morrison.  And since then I’ve seen a parade of beautiful young people slowly corrupted and destroyed by the merciless publicity and opportunity for self-destruction afforded by the rock-star lifestyle.

    It seems to me that this MUST be a business model:  Put these ingenues up in front of the public eye; give them the opportunity to destroy themselves; and then lovingly record every detail of their self-immolation (think Lindsey Lohan).

    Just one more example of the antihuman destructiveness of the capitalist business model, which will never end so long as sociopathic corporations control our media and entertainment.  

    RIP Amy–we barely knew ye…

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