NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament 2019: Play Ins Day 1

Sigh. It’s that time of year we I get to work really hard for a very long time. The Tables and Links don’t look like much, but some of the Links are hard to find and the Table formatting is technically difficult and requires you to do the same boring repetitive task over and over and over again…


Otherwise it looks like crap. The Links to the Schools go to their Basketball fan pages (Official, not some 3rd party), the Links to the Records go to their Schedule and Results so you can make your own personal judgment about the strength of the Team.

As always (because I’m a much bigger fan of Women’s Basketball than the Men’s game) I’ll be covering all 130 Games, both Ladies’ and Gents’. Given that most Teams don’t play more than 35 Games a year that’s about 3.7 years of Basketball in 3 weeks and at the end I am thoroughly sick of it and ready for the off season.

Well, for about a month or two.

I no longer attempt to do In-Game Updates unless it’s a Team I’m particularly interested in. It’s simply impossible in the Round of 64 and the Regional Quarterfinals (especially when both the Women and Men are playing on the same day), and in any event I find that it detracts from my enjoyment. When I do it will likely be limited to periodic scores.

Today and Tomorrow are the Play Ins, then we start in earnest. Thursday/Friday Round of 64, Saturday/Sunday Regional Quarterfinals. How I divide the schedule depends on when the Tournament’s “comfort” breaks are.

Enjoy some March Madness!

Time Network Seed School Record Seed School Record Region
6:40 pm truTV 16 Prairie View A&M 22 – 12 16 Fairleigh D’son 20 – 13 West
9:10 pm truTV 11 Belmont 26 – 5 11 Temple 23 – 9 East


    • TMC on March 19, 2019 at 20:57

    *FDU 82 – PVA&M 76

    FDU will play Gonzaga Thursday 3/21 at 7:27 PM ET

    • TMC on March 19, 2019 at 23:30

    *#11 Belmont 81 – #11 Temple 71

    Belmont will play #6 Maryland on Friday 3/22 on TRU TV

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