Good Job?

If Matthew Whitaker’s performance before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday is considered a good one I shudder to think how desperate Unidicted Co-conspirastor Bottomless Pinocchio and his coterie of Criminals, Accessories Before, During, and After the Fact, are.

It was my great misfortune to watch large swathes of it and Whitaker was pwned by every single Democrat, even the most junior. He was sweaty, combative, nervous, self contradictory, evasive (in transparently obvious ways, I mean you could tell he was constantly lying), and in general not ready for even the most poorly produced and low budget “Reality” TV show.

It was truly horrible and it is hard to find even a conservative commentator who thought any better of it than I did.

But apparently that’s not the view from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump officials worried they won’t hold up under questioning after watching Whitaker battle Democrats: report
by Noor Al-Sibai, Raw Story
09 Feb 2019

White House officials are reportedly aware that other Trump cabinet members won’t be able to pull off as strong a Congressional performance as Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

A West Wing advisor to Donald Trump told Axios that the president was pleased with Whitaker’s performance in front of Congress on Friday — and his aides are taking notice.

“[Trump] liked the combative approach,” the outside adviser who’s familiar with the president’s thinking said. “He thought the Democrats were grandstanding.”

During his testimony, Whitaker at one point chided new House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), telling him “Mr. Chairman, I see that your five minutes is up.”

White House officials, the adviser told Axios, learned that they should “not give an inch, push back, resist, delay, deflect.”

Republicans, meanwhile, have identified a new angle following the Whitaker hearing.

“The White House recognizes that it can do little to resist the House Dems’ demands for testimony,” the report noted. “Republicans just hope that over time, they can argue to their base that Dems have been guilty of overreach and ‘show trials.’”

A GOP operative that spoke to Axios said that Republicans believe Americans may side with the acting attorney general.

“It doesn’t take long for ordinary voters — who are very different from people in Washington — to start seeing participating committee members as pompous, rude and belittling, and begin to side with whoever is sitting in the hot seat,” the operative said.

How dare you Communists pick on our poor Racist White Guys (the correct translation for “ordinary voters” in Republican Doublespeak) and make them look like yammering idiots trying to make excuses for the inexcusable? After decades of re-education and brainwashing that has rotted the minds of even their elite “intellectuals” who at least tried to hide their naked greed, bigotry, and ignorance, one of the most pernicious (and I’m afraid longest lasting) consequence is they are now emboldened to let their freak flag fly.

Look, I’m a total Geek but I don’t walk into a Bar and try and impress people with my detailed and comprehensive knowledge of Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Star Trek/DCU/MCU and even more obscure Science Fiction trivia (Babylon Five? Stargate? Farscape? Firefly?). Wynnona works for a while but falls apart when people figure out I’m talking about Earp, not Judd.

My point is that even I’m not totally unaware that a lot of people are just not into the same things. They are guilty pleasures and I feel the proper shame about devoting as much time and mental space to them as I do (the above is not a comprehensive list, I also know waaay too much about Gold Rush and The Curse of Oak Island).

Unidicted Co-conspirator Bottomless Pinocchio has normalized (to a certain extent and for a minority of the population) Nazi/Klan Fascist Hate Speech and Conspiracy Theories and they are so far gone in their delusions that they no longer recognize reality. I wouldn’t call it exactly infantile (though they seem to have problems with object permanence also) but usually children in their early development learn to distinguish Fantasy from Fact. The core problem for Republicans is that they have fallen into the trap of believing their own disinformation and assuming mere wishing and denial have magical power to alter actuality.

This is the place where I put in the full pitiful recording so you can see it and judge for yourselves (I claim nothing except my experiments are duplicable), but I warn you it’s an extremely painful experience and I forgive you for averting your lying eyes.