2018 World Series Game 5: Red Sox @ Dodgers

Well, this is certainly the position to be in. By winning last night (and convincingly at that with a 5 Run uprising in the Top of the 9th) the Red Sox have achieved their Split in Chavez Ravine and need do nothing at all to fly back to Fenway 3 – 2. On the other hand they could crush the Dodgers by winning again tonight, celebrate away, and go Golfing with a brief interruption to parade down Commonwealth Avenue.

But don’t despair Dodgers fans. The Red Sox have blown bigger leads. One word- “1986”. Yeah, this Metropolitans fan remembers.

Tonight the Dodgers will be starting their best, or at least most veteran, Ace, Clayton Kershaw (L, 9 – 5, 2.73 ERA). He lost his initial outing this Series lasting a mere 4 Innings allowing 5 Runs on 7 Hits with 3 Walks for and an ERA of a whopping 11.25. He throws Sliders and Fastballs which he mixes up with Curves.

David Price will attempt to close it out for the Sox. He’s been in 2 games so far, once in Relief. He won his start and overall has allowed 2 Runs on 4 Hits with 4 Walks in 6.2 Innings for an ERA of 2.70. He throws Fastballs with Cutters and Changeups for variety.

Do I care who wins tonight? I’m off tomorrow (scheduled Travel Day) anyway. It might be nice to worship again at the altar of The Great God Citgo and atone for my casual exit in Game 2 but I’ll get over it if it is not to be.


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  1. 2 RBI Home Run. Sox 2 – 0.

  2. Top 2nd

    1. Oops. Bottom 1st.

  3. Solo Shot. 2 – 1 Sox.

  4. Now Top 2nd

  5. Bottom 2nd

  6. Top 3rd.

  7. Bottom 3rd

  8. Top 4th

  9. Bottom 4th

  10. Top 5th

  11. Bottom 5th

  12. Top 6th

  13. Solo Shot. 3 – 1 Sox.

  14. Bottom 6th

  15. Top 7th

  16. Solo Shot. Sox 4 – 1.

  17. Bottom 7th

  18. Top 8th

  19. Solo Shot. 5 – 1 Sox.

  20. Bottom 8th

  21. Top 9th

  22. Bottom 9th

  23. Done. Pitchers and Catchers in February. Let’s Go Mets!

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