Not The Ground I Wish To Fight On

Perhaps I am the heartless and cruel bastard I pretend to be. I should accept on face value everything Christine Blasey Ford has said about her sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh There’s no doubt that if her recollection is at all accurate ‘sexual assault’ is the correct and proper name for what happened though I suspect Kavanaugh would dispute that philosophically- boys will be boys and girls just have to learn to get along- and if he was anywhere near as drunk as reported has very little actual memory of the event.

What, after all, is the significance to you of one human being in a parade of anonymous interchangeable sex dolls you grappled into submission of a sort. I imagine were she the harlot of Babylon she’d have been hard put to find an artifice that elicited any response, you besotted tease, other than your love of dominance and abuse, and lust for conquest.

It’s just that there are many, many other reasons Kavanaugh is unfit to be a Judge of any sort, let alone a Justice.

Let’s start with perjury. The man lies under oath. This is a proven fact Republicans just ignore.

He supports Torture and Universal Domestic Surveillance by the Government of average citizens (Yeah, those missing W years).

Unsurprisingly he’s also against Personal Medical Privacy, holding the Government has a compelling interest in managing your sex life. Not just Roe, Griswold. Griswold was about whether you could use those Onan enabling sin buckets called “condoms” while having State Sanctioned Marital Relations with your Lady/Wife.

He already calls Birth Control Pills “abortion drugs”. What about “wrongly decided” don’t you get?

I thought we were making progress, definitely Murkowski, maybe some Western Senator with a failing campaign (looking right at you, Heller) who wants to suck up to Native Americans. I try to avoid relying on Sue Collins for anything and do so here, but optimistically I didn’t think Tim Scott was an impossible get.

Now the cards are in the air again. Flake, for one, is being flaky and is posing. We’ll have a “Pubic Hair” hearing and he said she said. I’d like to think #metoo knows what they’re doing.

I suppose anything that slows the juggernaught is worth trying. At least my opinion of the bourgeoisie remains unaffected- nothing like a little T&A to perk their interest.


    • TMC on September 17, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    What irks me more that anything is the difference in how Sen Al Frankin was treated by Murkowski and Collins, both demanded his resignation are far less egregious allegations, sexual harassment vs. attempted rape. Yes, attempted rape because that is what “sexual assault” really is. That Kavanaugh may have been too drunk to remember is not a defense in a court of law. I am so done with ‘politically correct.”

  1. Meow.

    I have the oeuvre of John Hughes and my own experience of the Raging Eighties to draw on (I was in my George Burns phase). As I recall finding a Klimpaloon was a pretty solid indicator of “No Sex! Ever!”. It is a garment that requires considerable cooperation and generally worn during encounters with those who had “Oscar the Octopus” reputations.

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