Waffle House!

Have I told you how much I love Waffle House? Hash Browns! Smothered! Covered! Capped! Country Style! Any time you want them, 24/7.

Sure it’s a heart attack on a stick. I don’t get South that much, last time was a little over a year ago during the Women’s March.

Well, I’m about to go again (weather permitting). We’re going to look at Cherry Blossoms (2 weeks early because Global Warming) and, oh yeah, participate in the March For Our Lives (gave you the page with the merch, all the cool kidz will be wearing it).

You may say, “ek, you’re 120+ years old!” Well, I can still move a little and it’s open to everybody. Get to visit my cousin (the other one) and her kidlings whom I’m told don’t run around naked so much any more.

We’ll see.

And… Waffle House!

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