Standing Up And Walking Out

It’s been my great misfortune to watch the parade of liars and traitors at Trump’s “Gun Control” summit of which the basic message has been- “Gun Free Zones are bad and dangerous. Everyone should have a gun at all times. The only people who shoot others are by definition crazy so no person we can define as crazy (like for instance thinking something is seriously wrong with this transparently sad farce we call government) should have a gun, except Neo Nazis and Racist Militiapeople because they are totally rational and would never harm a fly!”

Were I your Representative and invited to this meeting (which of course I wouldn’t be because I’m a troublemaker) I would have declined because it was such an obviously bad and pointless idea from the start.

Had I been dragged by force or made a terrible navigation error finding the bathroom I would have stood up and walked out after moments.

What the hell were you doing Feinstein, drenched in the blood of Moscone and Milk? Why did you lend this any legitimacy at all?

I hope you get your ass kicked by de León. You’re no better than a Republican, not a Democrat at all.


  1. the world must be about to end. I can’t remember ever wanting to do this before, and it’s a bad sign. I’m going to defend DiFi.

    she’s better than a republican on exactly two issues: abortion and guns. gun control has always been a huge issue for her and I’m sure she felt obligated to make a show of her good faith. Of all the things to criticize her for, showing up for a meeting with Trump isn’t one.

    I’m not sure what I think of de Leon; pretty much no one in Sacramento impresses me. but I’m sick of Feinstein and will be voting for him.

      • TMC on March 1, 2018 at 14:22

      Trump will most likely pivot back to what Republicans want just like he did with immigration. Remember “send me a bill, I’ll sign it”? I can imagine Steve Miller’s had exploding.

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