Lowercase “l”

While I am a trained historian (ask me about those Tang Dynasty horses, I dare you. It wasn’t even their main deal, they liked landscapes aka mountain/water paintings or shanshui) I’ve studied other subjects and had other jobs. Who hires a Historian anyway?

On the old manual Royals at my journalism school (yes, I worked at a newspaper, for real money too not per word freelancing though I wasn’t a writer, I was in charge of newsstand sales based on my fabulous success as a delivery boy when I was 12 and excellent skills at double entry bookkeeping) they didn’t even have a “1/!” key but forced the lowercase “l” into double duty.

So next class I plugged in my Olivetti replaceable ball electric (much to the annoyance of my classmates who couldn’t stand the constant drone of my cooling fan) to bang away at my 200th obituary demonstrating pyramid story formatting (it’s pure scut work which is why I force TMC to do it, because I’m evil like that).

It’s not that my talents have eroded, I can still set up a page in Gutenberg Movable Type or Hot Lead Linotype and drop a column or a line using nothing but bee’s wax and a razor, it’s simply that I don’t have to much any more.

Yeah, I know PageMaker and Scribus, raw Postscript too (showpage), but instead of presentation I’m concerned with content now.

I have no thoughts which can be encapsulated in 140 characters or less. AND ALSO YOU HAVE TO KEEP PRESSING THE CAPS KEY!

Or should that be a Shift Slash?

In Fact A Billionaire

Dispatches From The Pro-Slavery Rebellion

As it turns out (I had some science requirements) there is no physical reason the Universe did not divide equally between matter and anti-matter except in that case it would simply not exist. Therefore our mere prescence indicates alternate realities.

Umm… that was meant to be encouraging.