Rant of the Week: Joy Behar – ‘F*ck Your Kumbaya!’

In her interview with Bill Maher on HBO’s “Real Time,” Joy Behar, co-host of ABC;’s “The View,” didn’t hold back. She let Democratic strategist Van Jones and Democrats in general for being too nice.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was famous for saying “When they go low – we go high,” but Behar said that Democrats must “go for the jugular” the way the GOP does. “No, when they go low we should go lower,” Behar said.

“You’re the first perpetrator of this. He wants the kumbaya,” Beher said to Jones. “F*ck your kumbaya! These people on that side are crazy. Don’t you understand? They’re crazy! You don’t deal with white supremacists. I’m done talking to him, I’m talking to you,” Behar then turned from Jones back to Maher.

She also discussed sexual harassment in the work place and her new book.