Wonder Woman was not such a bad movie.

Actually I liked it a good deal, it’s the first entry in the DCEU that’s not unrelentingly bleak. On the other hand let me explain just what it is that movie producers and executive producers do- they’re in charge of organizing the financing, and hiring and firing the personnel. Yes they can have creative input but frankly “the talent” normally resents the heck out of that and quits unless they’re just looking for someone to blame because they’ve created a bomb.

Anyway someone with Hollywood style creative accounting ability is exactly what you want in a Treasury Secretary.

He’s the perfect person to explain to all the D.C. Deficit Hawks why $1.5 Trillion in Tax Cuts for the wealthiest .01% is going to reduce the debt (us Modern Monetarists know that debt and deficits don’t matter to sovereign currency nations unless there is demonstrated hyper-inflation, but people in the Beltway are stupid- must be the water).