Disaster Politics. There Is No Alternative.

Why would the GOP want to pass a hugely unpopular health-care bill?
By Aaron Blake, Washington Post
July 16

Consequential political liabilities are built upon narratives that take hold over a period of time with multiple proving points. A poll on a complex legislative issue three weeks after it is unveiled has next to no ability to pick up the lasting sentiment. Conversely, over the course of seven years, Republicans have promised to repeal and replace Obamacare and won multiple elections in large part due to that specific promise. A failure to address a conviction among the base of the Republican Party, seven years in the making, is infinitely more damaging than the ramifications of a three-week snapshot that starts well underwater because of partisan polarization. I also believe there is a cascading effect to not getting this done that could bleed into other agenda items, which would create a catastrophic narrative in the midterms if that occurred. It’s correctable if reversed with something like tax reform but it would be imperative that it be reversed in a significant and lasting way.


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